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17 Epic Holiday Gift Ideas For Fun People

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17 Epic Holiday Gift Ideas For Fun People

17 EPIC Handpicked Gift Ideas for FUN people.


LEUS: Beach Towels

Best Beach Towel

Leus beach towels are not only super absorbent, they’re a statement. Eye catching 100% premium cotton that looks & feels like paradise, perfect poolside or beachside.

Waboba: Outdoor Games

Fun outdoor Games Waboba

Who doesn’t want to Keep Life Fun. Play more. Never grow up? Waboba the creators of the original Water Bouncing Ball, are committed to making that happen, with an array of outdoor games to keep you forever stoked.

Fluidstance: Balance Boards

Balance Board for Home office

Designed in Santa Barbara California Fluidstance is a next level essential for the home office. Perfect to add motion, balance, and fun to your standing desk and workplace.

Veldskoen Shoes: Comfy Footwear 

Veldskoen USA Shoes Chukka Boots

Veldskoen Shoes  are handcrafted to deliver all-day comfort, durability, in variety of fun colors to brighten your day. 

SurfEars3.0 : Waterproof Ear Plugs

Surf Ears, Ear Plugs for Water ocean wear

Surfer's ear is no joke! Grab these stellar waterproof ear plugs for surfing and other water activities. Protect your ears without affecting hearing, balance, or fun.


Purposely Designed to get you barreled.  The Slyde Handboard Bula is next level wave riding.  The ultimate culmination of years of riding and shaping handboards by Hawaiian Bodysurfing legend, Sean Enoka. Truly, delivering epic wave riding in the palm your hand.

Blenders: Snow Goggles


 Blenders Cool Ski Googles

Snow Goggles so fresh you'll be set for the season, with anti-fog smoke lenses, and a stealthy strap. You'll find Blenders cool signature ‘Stripes  //’ on every pair of Goggles which means “ Life in Forward Motion.”

Shinesty: Boxers

Shinesty Boxers Ball Hammocks

Shinesty boxers aka ball hammocks want to make sure you "feel good doing bad things" anywhere life takes you.  These are best men's funny boxers, 3x softer than cotton, breathable, and moisture wicking goodness. 

United By Blue: Recycled Beanie

Recycled Beanie for Winter

Beanies are the staple of any outdoor adventurer.  United By Blue offers quality craftsmanship and style with this stellar 100% recycled polyester beanie. For every product sold, United By Blue removes 1 pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. Current stat is 3,453,274 LBS removed.

Surf Grass Mats: Changing Mat

Surf Grass Mat changing mat

Surf Grass Mat, is the best welcome mat a outdoors man/woman could ever ask for. Made of high quality synthetic turf, the soft bristles wipe off any dirt/sand, for an instant clean feeling.  Plus you lay it flat in your trunk and throw your wet towel or wetsuit on it, while eliminating the need for a carwash.

Adelio Wetsuits: Wetsuit Hood

Adelio Surf Hoodie

Adelio's trademark ‘Therma-Loc' heat shield quick-drying grid, retains heat while wicking away moisture, keeping you drier and warmer for longer. The deluxe 3mm hood, provides the freedom to continue to explore the sea even at it’s coldest depths.

Jolyn Clothing : Women's Activewear

Jolyn Clothing Loungwear
2020 unleashed the importance of Cozy Activewear. Jolyn Clothing's cozy loungewear collection is next level comfy, casual "for the women who inspire us."

RinseKit : Portable Shower

Rinse Kit Portable Shower

RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes, with no pumping or batteries required. Hose on the go, holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers 7 different settings from jet stream to a soaking shower. 

Corkcicle : Reusable Drinkwear

Reusable Drinkwear

Making Sustainable Stylish, Corkcicle travel coffee mugs early morning dawn patrol and impromptu road trips extra delightful, ensuring your favorite beverage keeps toast for up to 3 hours. 

ThulaTula : Blankets & Throws

ThulaTula Blankets and Throws

Handcrafted in South Africa ThulaTula Blankets and Throws are designed for an extra cozy comfortable lifestyle. 

Neso Tents: Sun Shades

Best Sun Shade Umbrella Neso Tents
Beach day extender, Neso Tents are perfect for your next sunny adventure. Lightweight and portable sun shades to keep the whole family happy.

Shower Toga : Showering Garment

Shower Toga Shower in Public
Fellow Shark Tank company Shower Toga   is highly innovative changing and showering garment to keep you fresh and clean while continuing to enjoy the outdoors. 

Westside Boards: Woodwork

Surf Beer Opener
There's nothing more Southern Californian than craft beer, surfing, and a green businesses. Pop a cold one on surfy sustainable craftsmanship.

Cheers to more fun this holiday season x beyond!


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