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LeblonFins kicks into a crowdfunding campaign geared to add a variety of sizing options for all.

The fin company has been making size medium fins since the beginning of the 2017, to an enthusiastic community of bodysurfers, swimmers, and lifeguards. 

Now the company aims to raise $40,000 to begin production of sizes small, large, and extra large.

“Using LeblonFins alone makes a huge difference in your bodysurfing experience. Users note the amazing thrust, and see an immediate increase in waves caught." said JSC Mauricio LeblonFins creator and founder.

Slyde was happy to recently catch up with Mark Drewelow, an avid LeblonFin connoisseur and now Champion of World Bodysurfing Championships Oceanside.  He shared with our community demos of the LeblonFin and his stoke these ultimate thruster fins. 

"I met Mauricio, inventor of LeblonFins bodysurfing Leme Beach Brazil August 2016. He taught me about finswimming and gave me some of his fins to take home and test pilot. A year later here we are competing against legends of our sport proving that finswimming really does greatly enhance bodysurfing performance. If I didn't meet Mauricio and change my technique and use LeblonFins I would not be the Champion taking out multiple repeat champions who are incredibly talented watermen."

Slyde concurs, the powerful 14-inch floating blades increase lift, guiding you towards a natural streamlined stroke for less drag.  If you're looking for a new fin with awesome hydrodynamics pre-order a pair for only $59 verse $119 now until Sept 17, 2017. 

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LeblonFins Swim Fins

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