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Each day Slyde searches high & low for awesome brand ambassador that choose to represent the brand to the fullest. 


Kaiden Marouf San Diego, CA

"To sum it all up I just love having fun and the best way I find to do that is hitting the beach. When I’m not working at the surf shop you can find me at the beach whether I’m body surfing Scripps Pier (San Diego), getting pounded at Marine Street (San Diego), free diving at La Jolla Cove, or just taking some funky pictures.

I’m looking to grow body surfing by introducing beginners to a passion that will keep drawing them back to the ocean. And what better way to do that then join a community who is already impacting body surfing. By the way I didn’t list much social media because I only have Snapchat, I’ve found social media takes up to much of my time. I do however drive a “VW Thing” so if you are looking for publicity my car has proven to be a bigger head turner than the Kardashian’s. Just slap a sticker on it and business will triple. Well probably not but you get the point. Thanks for considering me!"

Robert D'AgostaroPoint Pleasant, NJ

"I want to become a Slyde Ambassador because it would help me understand more about the handboard. When I go to the beach (Jersey shore) no one knows what a Slyde Handboard is because you guys are based out in California. Becoming a Slyde Ambassador will allow me to give a better description of your product when they ask. It is also my dream to be able to represent slyde from across the country. Thank you for your time. Hopefully I get chosen #slydeforlife"

Brandon Quinn, San Diego, CA

"I live by the beach and jump in the water as much as possible. Ever since me and my wife discovered the product you and your wife released, I haven’t been able to go a couple of days without using my Bula. It makes me happy the looks I get and all the questions people ask me about my handboards. I let as many of my local surfer friends rock it and to see them smile and laugh as much as I do when they use it is worth it.

I feel that I already rep the heck out of your product as is and after meeting you and your wife at the Coronado Urt Womp competition a couple of weeks ago. I would love to be apart of the Slyde family. Even though I didn’t win the competition, it was an honor to meet you two as well as to be apart of a great event. I love giving back to the beach community who have done so much for me in my life. I believe I can inspire people who aren’t familiar with bodysurfing to at least have a positive interest in the product that has truly had an positive impact on my life."

Puatea Ellis  Tahiti

"I really loved the Bula, Sean Enoka model and now I want to promote the Slyde Brand over here in Tahiti.  Most of time I go surf to Taapuna , a surf spot on the Reef. And I train sometimes in Papara Beach break,I'll take a lot of pictures of my session on the REEF!!  Hope you guys see you soon in Tahiti. Mauuruuru

Michael Phillips  Riverside Connecticut 

"I want to be a Slyde Ambassador because I just bought my first Slyde, and I want to meet new friends where I ride it."

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