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Slyde Handboards Talks Surf Gear & More With Adelio Wetsuits Founder Brett Vergou

4 min read

Slyde Handboards Talks Surf Gear & More With Adelio Wetsuits Founder Brett Vergou

Slyde was first turned on to Adelio Wetsuits by Australian Team Rider Daniel Carr. 

As a company that believes in supporting quality products and great people we couldn't wait to find out more about the Adelio brand and it's founder Brett Vergou.

Tell us a brief history on the brand how it came to be…

It all started way back in 2011. My friend Chris made a few tee’s, and I liked the look of them, asked if he needed help, and we joined forces.  I always had a weird fetish with rubber though and wanted to introduce a wetsuit line.

I worked on the wetsuit side of things for quiet a while, researching and getting samples made up before originally going ahead with a Japanese manufacturer for the first line. Looking back things have changed drastically. I first launched when Nike had their team suits, so of course I was heavily influenced by the fluro’s or opposite color paneled legs or arms. I cringe looking back a bit.

Work wise, if you weren’t building Adelio what would you be doing?

I am originally a carpenter / builder by trade. So, I dare say I’d still be stuck in that. I do miss it sometimes, but it's pretty hard on the ol’ body. It had its plus’s though being able to fit out our own shops, and if I don’t like the look of something I can quickly fix or rebuild it.

What is 1 of your favorite testimonials you’ve ever received?

Still to this day, I always remember an elder person that had been getting the same brand of big name suits for years. He was religious in getting the same kind and would tell me about it every time he came in to our store/café for coffee. 

I finally convinced him to try out a suit one day and told him the whole back ground story of the brand, the name , the meaning and why we get who we get to ride or represent us which he loved that we had meaning or essence behind us. After he tried the suit out though I couldn’t keep him quiet. He was so impressed by the cut and warmth and durability and look. His comments always stick with me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to someone purchasing a wetsuit for the 1st time?

There's a number of things to consider.Do some research and see what the water temp is where you are most likely to be for majority of the time. That will determine what thickness you go for.  When trying it on does it feel free and easy to move? It's always going to be hard the first few times getting in and out until you get used to it.

Look in to the brand history and see if it fits with your beliefs of travel, adventure, logging, performance etc. Does it fit with your style ? Last of all , Do you look cool in it.

What location has been your favorite surf trip? What destination is on your bucket list?

It's always hard to go past Indo for me with almost a guarantee  getting good waves and being so close for me being based in Australia.  Tasmania was pretty awesome a year ago though, cold, rugged, and some fun wedges.

This last year I've made a point of traveling around to meet with shops and reps that are working with us so I've had the opportunity to go to Tofino , NJ, Big Sur and France. All of them are great and exciting place as they're all new. Tofino would have to be the most picturesque though. Didn’t really have any good waves at any of the others, but saw some potential epic set ups through the Big Sur and Delaware.

If you could only pack 4 products for a 5day surf trip what would you pack and why?

When I went to Delaware I saw horses on the beach at Assateague Island and want to go back there when theres waves so I'm basing my trip being there.

  1. Wetsuit – 5/4 hooded steamer for the frigid winter water. 
  2. Booties – I like the cold and can't live without them
  3. Matches – I can't make fire , I need matches
  4. Board -   Guess I'm gong to have to use this to surf on and maybe catch fish with some how.

I think I'm about 20 products short of surviving.

Where do you see the sport of handboarding in 3 years?

The sport of handboarding, has definitely come along way already.  I believe,  we're going to see the younger kids not so focused on competition surfing but rather becoming waterman that try all kinds of things from logging, short boarding, stand up boogie boarding, and bodysurfing. I see the handboard as becoming a staple in most people's quiver.

What’s 1 motto you live by?

Work hard and work even harder. Maybe that’s not one to tell the kids, but I do believe that you don’t get any where with out a lot of hard work and determination. I don’t believe in luck but rather believe in creating your own opportunities by following up on every little lead.

Adelio Wetusits

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