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Slyde Handboards was turned onto Pacific Issue when Steve was perusing the web for a proper shirt for an important meeting.  

It was then the brands aligned & Pacific Issue became his go to shirt, which was featured in our beach lovers giftguide.  We couldn't wait to find out more about co-founder Michael Koranda.


My entire life I could never find a button-up shirt that fit. I was either in between sizes, or I’d find something that fit in the neck and would billow out in the stomach. I hated shopping for shirts with collars because I always came away feeling defeated.

After college, I got the opportunity to work a corporate job abroad in Asia and was exposed to custom tailoring. I immediately fell in love with the process. I loved getting to choose the details of my shirts. I loved the service and advice I got from the tailor. Most of all, I loved that feeling of a perfectly fitted shirt. It made me feel cool, confident, and unstoppable!

A few years later I went to business school in LA. On the first day of school I met another like-minded guy who also couldn’t find dress shirts that fit. We shared stories and came up with this crazy idea to bring the custom tailoring experiences we had in Asia back to the rest of the world.

At the end of our first year, we flew to Asia on what was supposed to be a boring business school trip. Instead of returning with our classmates to go take summer internships, we skipped our flights. We went deep into the custom clothing world and learned all about fabrics, tailoring, and manufacturing. We emerged with a beta product, ran a kickstarter, raised some money from friends and set off to rid the world of boring shirts!


I grew up in a family of pilots. I’ve been flying as a hobby since college - it was a rite of passage to get your pilot’s license in my family. I would probably be following in the family’s aviation tradition I wasn’t growing my company.

What’s one of your favorite testimonials you’ve received?

One of the best: “I am a total snob with around 30 made to measure and tailored shirts in my  closet and my 3 shirts from Pacific Issue are the only ones I want to wear anymore.”

My personal fave: “The first night I wore my Pacific Issue shirt I got laid!” I’m not entirely sure it was the shirt...but happy to make our customers happy.

If you could only wear 2 Pacific Issue shirt designs for the next 6 months what 2 shirts would be your go to?

Tough question! I usually have my choice of ~50 or so in my closet...I’m a sucker for prints and comfort. For a stylish and versatile print I’d have to go with  The Thursday and for comfort, warmth and durability  The Musk.

What’d you think about seeing the Slyde Gromboard in person for the 1st time?

The most fun I’ve had in the water in years. No joke. My wife and I went for a random beach day when the waves were small. We went in the the Gromboard for what was supposed to be a short dip and ended up staying in the water for two hours straight. I’ve never felt that kind of speed and control while bodyboarding.

If you could ride a party wave with 3 people who would you choose and why?

David Bowie, George Washington, and Nelson Mandela. I'm about 100% sure none of them surfed, but I admire each of them for very different reasons. Bowie, for creative purposes, Washington and Mandela for different moral lessons. I guess I’d just like to sit in the lineup and talk with them, then have the waves to myself ;)

Any trends or predictions you see between fashion & surfing for 2018?

I’ve been in the clothing business long enough to know that trends are nearly impossible to predict...Hopefully the Romphim dies a quick death. Prediction for surfing - I’ll get out in the water more :)

Check out more from Pacific Issue HERE→

Pacific Issue Custom Shirts

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