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The Best Surf Clothing & Gear For Summer 2017

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The Best Surf Clothing & Gear For Summer 2017

Looking for some epic surf clothing and gear, that will keeps your swagger game on point this summer?

Lucky for you, we have friends that own some cool surf clothing brands outdoor gear companies.
Steve the founder of Slyde has personally tested all the surf clothing & gear below and here's what he enjoys most.  Living by the motto "I like what they make and I wear it."


Alooooha! Ultimate craftsmanship meets, water resistant "luxury" sandal.
OluKai is deeply rooted in Hawaiian Culture, in long-term durability, style, and comfort.  This isn’t just a flip flop, it’s built for life in and around the water.  While the artwork and details honorHawaiian islands from toe to heel, including island inspired traction pads.

"These are the most comfortable and the neatest flip flops, I've ever owned. I probably could have worn them to a black tie dinner and gotten away with it." Slyde Steve


Why stop shredding the gnar once the sun goes down? Lume Cube Photography Tools allow for golden hour photography sessions 24/7. Providing professional quality lighting to your adventurous lifestyle whenever and where-ever you are.

"The lighting these provide make you feel like you're on a movie set.  They make everything Hollywood bright." Slyde Steve

TIPSY ELVES: Hawaiian Shirts

If you’re wearing boring button downs or unflattering dress shirts, head over to Tipsy Elves and turn your life around.  Tipsy puts the FUN in surf clothing, specifically designed to make everyone you encounter stoked.

“If you’re loud, or even a wall flower looking to strike up a conversation, these clothes are awesome. Plus I’m a stickler to quality, and even the buttons on the shirts are top notch." Slyde Steve 


A cool pair of sunnies are the ultimate accessory.  Swell Visionbamboo shades are uber cool,  waterproof and designed for flotation, making for endless summer days by the pool or the ocean. It's time, to shield your eyes from the summer sun, and turn up the fun. 

"Lightweight sunglasses like these are always the go, no one wants those gnarly nose creases in skin. Plus I get a ton of compliments on them." Slyde Steve


Much Aloha & Comfort, handprinted in Hawaii, these limited edition & extra cozy Kaha Nalu (Hawaiian word for Bodysurfing) sweatshirts, will have you feeling like you're on a permanent vacation on the island paradise.

“This is my go to hoodie. It fits great and the colors pop." Steve Slyde


Ho Stevie Surf Poncho! Made extra long in length, with super soft & thick microfiber material, these surf robes making changing out out of your swim trunks or wetsuit easy comfortable, and private.

"This is my favorite thing, it’s like a dude's dress.  If you haven’t gotten a wetsuit changing rope, you’ve been missing out all your life.  I could literally sleep in this, although Ang does not approve." Slyde Steve


The URTbrand is the brain child of Coronado, California beach lifeguard Ian Urtnowski. A clothing company for the true ocean user in mind,  whomping us with high quality apparel, and simply modern designs. 

“Firstly, I love the branding (the sea lion goes URT URT) I don’t treat my clothing well and these shirts have held up thru the test of time.” Slyde Steve


Mmm nothing says summer like the smell of suntan lotion, Raw Elements USA  is the cleanest natural formula sunscreen on the market, that meet the demands of the extreme athlete. As a performance-driven sunscreen, it is water resistant beyond 80 minutes, yet so gentle and moisturizing that it is perfect for our young ones!

"Through the years surfing, I became somewhat of a sunscreen connoisseur. Once I learned that the chemicals in the very thing I was using on my skin to protect myself, was actually almost as harmful to me as the suns rays, I spent an absorbent amount of my time trying to find anything that would screen the rays, and not infuse my skin with any number of unpronounceable chemicals.  Raw Elements was that solution."
Slyde Steve

OF COURSE THE ULTIMATE GEAR FOR 2017 MUST INCLUDE THE NEWLY RELEASED Grom Soft Top Board, A Handboard as affordable as it is FUN!

  Grom Soft Top Handboard By Slyde

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