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July 21, 2019 5 min read

Handboarding is one of the most exciting sports that you can come across. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need to keep exercising and bodysurfing more to master the waves.

But did anybody tell you that yoga is a complementary exercise for handsurfing? Having yoga skills can enhance your bodysurfing abilities.

We all know that it is not possible to keep up with consistent surfing to perfect your skills. Knowing that there are work demands, and the need to be close to your family, it is only adequate if you can visit the beach once in a season or during the holidays. The best you can do to improve your handboarding experience is attending a yoga club and doing various exercises that can boost you in surfing.

This post will teach you the top five yoga positions you need to master and practice to enhance your bodysurfing abilities. The movements, positions, and skills you learn in yoga are closely related to, or the same as, what you need when bodysurfing. There is no better exercise you can relate to surfing apart from yoga.

Here are the top five yoga positions you should learn to supplement your surfing skills.

1. Down Dog

The downward dog is a yoga position ideal for yoga beginners but also helpful for surfers in mastering the game. In the downward-facing dog pose, you boost the blood flow into the brain by holding your head below the heart for some time. It helps to release tension and makes you relaxed as well.

The downward dog position improves your bodysurfing by strengthening your upper body, the legs, arms, and shoulder. It also helps in stretching the hamstrings to make you more flexible while surfing.

By calming the nervous system, the downward dog yoga position helps you to gain the courage and to focus when hitting the surf. It is also a wonderful way to release back pain and fatigue. Your back needs the training to master the balancing positions when you are surfing.

2. Upward Facing Dog

The upward dog is a yoga position that helps you in strengthening your back and lengthening the spine. It also improves the back flexibility to give you an easy movement and balance as you surf. By getting rid of rigidity on the back, you find it easy to change surfing positions without distorting body balance.

In this position, you also get to strengthen your thighs - especially in the front position, stretch the neck and open up the shoulders and the chest. But most importantly, you get rid of muscle soreness. 

The upward dog yoga position takes the same approach as when you are getting up on your surfboard. Mastering this yoga position skill will boost your surfing skills as a beginner. Even the experts need to practice this position often to stay on or above par as they get on their surf.

3. The Pigeon Pose

Apart from opening up and stretching your hip muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the pigeon pose is ideal for relieving tension. This position also opens up your chest, giving your upper body strength and the balance you need for handboarding.

By stretching your whole body, the pigeon pose helps you to ensure that you have a consistent blood flow throughout your body. It improves your general body fitness and health that every surfer and athlete needs.

As a sporting activity, you may find yourself spending most of your time surfing when it becomes your main occupation. And you need to surf consistently to stay fit and enhance your performance. In doing so, you will most likely be bending forward on your surfboard. The activity may strain your back and cause fatigue.

The pigeon pose counteracts the pose you do on surfboards to retaliate the effects of continuous surfing. Surfing beginners may also find the pose effective to help relieve the back after your daily session.

4. Warrior 2

Taking the posture of a surfer while on the surfboard, the Virabhadrasana II pose is beneficial to your whole body and surfing experience. While practicing this pose, you stretch your muscles and joints. The results are a flexible body when you are in the waters.

Apart from stretching your ankles, legs, chest, arms, and the hips, warrior 2 also helps you to enhance your core by opening up your shoulders and the chest. The Virabhadrasana II pose is also beneficial to your surfing because it helps you to improve balance while surfing. This position also trains you to stay focused while on the ocean to ensure that you get the best out of your sport.

By building body endurance, warrior 2 helps you to learn to stay on the surf for long without developing fatigue or joint and muscle pain. Before bundling your surfboard on your kayak roof rack the next time you are planning to go to the beach, stretch your body on the Virabhadrasana II pose to make your day a memorable one.

5. The Eagle Pose

Garudasana is a yoga pose essential for balance and focus. As a beginner surfer, you should practice the eagle pose more often for better balance on the waters. As a focus-oriented pose, this yoga position will train your brains to stay on focus when doing water activities like bodysurfing and avoid distractions.

The pose also helps you to build up your body to best fit your surfing position and long surfing sessions. By stretching your upper back, chest, thighs, and hips, your muscles and joints get ready for the day without fatigue.

This position also stretches the calves and ankles which work most during surfing. The eagle position also strengthens your trapeze and deltoid muscles. The muscles are most active when you are paddling, and they need strength to sustain you the whole surfing session.


Regardless of whether you are new to handboarding or you are always on the surf, yoga is essential for you. And the various yoga positions will boost your fitness and performance as a surfer. But in case you have never engaged in yoga or surfing, you should consult your doctor to help you determine if you are fit for the exercises. Some of the yoga positions and surfing are not for people with faint hearts.

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