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Top 10 Surfing Influencers to Follow in 2020

4 min read

Top 10 Surfing Influencers to Follow in 2020

It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or the surf is flat, when you follow the best surfing influencers you’re going to want to head straight for the shore.

To give you plenty of swell inspiration we’ve found the top 10 you need to know about in 2020 and all you need to do is follow them.

Anastasia Ashley @anastasiaashley

If you want to fall in love with all things surfing when you haven’t been in the water for a while, this is the one account you need to follow. By seeing a pure joy and adrenaline Ashley gets from being in the water, you’ll feel like you’re right there with her. Perfect for when you want to get back that urge to surf that you simply cannot resist.

Mark Healey @healeywaterops

Now that you’ve found your first influencer to follow, your second isn’t going to be too far behind. I love what Mark Healey is doing on Instagram because it gives you a real insight into what being a pro surfer is all about. There are the classic magazine-style shots you’d expect, but what’s refreshing is how genuine and down to earth his lifestyle content is.

It gives you a great little window into his world, and shows you just how much more fun life can be when you decide you’re just going to go with the flow. There’s a lesson in there for all of us I feel.

Bethany Hamilton @bethanyhamilton

If you love the waves beneath your feet then you’ll be no stranger to the breathtaking exploits of Bethany Hamilton. She goes big or she goes home, and she isn’t shy about turning on the style in the process. This not only makes for a great career for her, but some stunning shots the rest of us can enjoy too. If you want to see what surfing looks like when you really start to push the envelope, you’re going to want to follow her the moment you’re done reading this article.

Lakey Peterson @lakeypeterson

We all fell in love with surfing because of the adrenaline of catching a wave and riding it all the way back to the shoreline. There’s not a lot more to it than that, which is why the pure enjoyment you can get from following Lakey is something you’ll never forget. It’s all about feeling good, looking good, and having fun on the water. If you can do these three things then you’re never going to want for much else in life, are you?

Laird Hamilton @lairdhamiltonsurf

This guy is something of a pioneer in the world of big wave surfing, so why not jump all over his social media to see what he’s been up to? It’s great to have an insight into what it’s like to live many peoples’ dream life, and Laird Hamilton is all too willing to let you take a glimpse of it all.

Kelly Slater @kellyslater

There are simply no words to describe Kelly Slater; he’s someone who broke the mold and continues to do it every time he gets out there on the water. If there’s one account you need to be following from day one, it’s his.

“There’s no better way to get inspired to take a dip in the water than by following Kelly Slater. He’s what Tony Hawk is to skateboarding, and then some. Add him to your feed and you won’t be able to resist getting down to the shore” — says Marie Fincher Lifestyle Blogger and Writer for Studicus.

Alana Blanchard @alanarblanchard

If you want to get out on the water and let it all hang out, Alana Blanchard’s outlook on life is a great one to try and adopt yourself. She’s laid back, relaxed, and comfortable in her own skin. That means her Instagram isn’t the typical model shots you find with some female athletes, but more a journal of what she’s been up to, and what she saw along the way. Ideal if you want to see what living the dream is really all about.

Laura Crane @lauraloucrane

Laura Crane burst onto the scene in a big way and hasn’t looked back since. That’s due in no small part to her sizable efforts on social media that haven’t be missed by the surf community. She’s not afraid to speak out, be herself, and do things differently; all of which makes for an account that you’re going to have a lot of fun following.

John John Florence @john_john_florence

When you want to get out on the water and catch a wave you need to feel that spark of inspiration. Take a look at what this true pioneer of the surf world has to say for himself and you’ll find it impossible to stop yourself heading to the beach the moment you leave work for the day.

Ellie-Jean Coffey @elliejeancoffey

Last but not least, what would we do without the exploits of Ellie-Jean Coffey and the surf crew that always seem to be by her side. She’s someone who lives life her way, and loves to show you what it all looks like. If you want to see what a true pioneer looks like as they do their thing, follow her on Instagram.

About the Author

Diana Adjadj is an outdoor enthusiast, keen sportswomen, and thrill seeker. She is a professional blogger for TrustMyPaper. Diana is passionate about using the power of social media for good in the world by using it to connect people with new and exciting experiences. 


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