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Darren Jenner

Slyde:{Ryde Fast}
HOME TOWN: Huntington Beach, CA
Date of Birth:  October 18, 1958
Hobbies ‘Beachography’ – (The study of beaches, waves, and currents), Open Ocean Swimming, Ocean Lifeguarding, finding new bodysurfing spots in SE Asia.
Favorite Surfer: Old School = Corky Carroll New School = John John Florence
Motto:Respect Mother Ocean
Who inspires you the most?: Wedge Crew – or anyone who can bodysurf Wedge on a big day.
What is your greatest fear?: Great White having a bodysurfer picnic.
​Last time you wore a tie?: Can’t remember.
Favorite non-surf film?:  What is a non-surf film?
Number one on your bucket list? Two weeks of bodysurfing @ Macaronis, Mentawai, Indonesia – and it’s gonna happen soon!
Favorite waves:  Bodysurf Australia with Lyall O’Neill and Daniel Carr.
Favorite maneuvers: HB Pier Southside, Macaronis Indo, Wedge, Surin Beach Thailand – North Point on a big day.
Favorite country to visit or want to visit: *Beating board surfers to the peak on a Slyde*, making a shack, long open face rides, barrel rolls, anything new I can pull off.
What would you do if you won the lottery?:  Indo, Aus (again), Hawaii (again), Slyde store with someone else’s credit card.
​ Darren Jenner slyde team Ryder and handplane bodysurfer

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