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Best go pro set up for handboarding

Beginners guide

How to film with your gopro

GoPro Setting Breakdown for Bodysurfers

The GoPro camera has taken the world by storm by making an awesome, lightweight, user friendly, and durable sports camera. However, if you are anything like me and just want to get in the water as soon as possible. So to get the most out of your GoPro there are a few things you really need to know to make the most out of any session.

What's great your GoPro

The good thing is your GoPro is very user-friendly in the sense that it's mostly automatic as far as lighting adjustments, focus adjustments. Once you have your base settings established, you can generally leave it be. Today we will explain how you can get the certain looks that we get from the slow motion or the really wide angle shots. And the way you need to manipulate the camera in different ways to get these looks. Below is a breakdown of the video to your left.

The 3 go pro settings to know well

The following three settings will completely shape the look of your shots

Whats the difference between the views

Narrow medium wide super view go pro views

Field of vision - Breakdown

GoPro Setting Breakdown: How To Best Film Slyde Handboard Videos
Narrow view

This is a very zoomed in shot and narrow focus on subject. I would compare it to about that of a 35 millimeter lens on a Crop Sensor DSLR. It's very zoomed in and it can be beneficial if you're shooting something further away or if you just want to get rid of the GoPro fish eye look.

Medium view

Medium view is a sweet spot right in-between narrow and wide it is not zoomed in, but it is definitely not that GoPro wide angle that we're used to you may have, some use for it when you're doing different shots and it’s great to test and play around with.

GoPro Setting Breakdown: How To Best Film Slyde Handboard Videos
Wide view

Wide View is the classic GoPro wide angle. It is the view they use in a lot of their commercials, this is the setting that they are almost always using. Wide is great for action sports as you will always have the subject in view, even with all the moving around of the camera.

GoPro Setting Breakdown: How To Best Film Slyde Handboard Videos
Super View

This is one of the settings I use the most with the Slyde Handboards is super view, and the reason I use it a lot with the Slyde Handboards is I'm filming myself and the boards are very close to my body. It's very wide and very weird, but sometimes for selfie poles etc, I use it with my dummy mount in my mouth for point of view, it's really great to get that perspective of what you're seeing and experiencing.

Know before you go.

This saying doesn't just apply to the surf conditions. The best way to control the quality of your footage is to know in advance what you plan on shooting for that day. Ask yourself, am I going to want to create slow motion shots or, am I looking for a higher quality resolution on my shots? The answer to this will guide your setting. The options for the setting are endless and we advise playing around with the different option. But if you just want to plug and play we advice these to setting for the optimum for the two most common scenarios.For a more in-depth setting configuration Look further down at the chart with all the possible configurations

Filming action Shots- Our favorite setting

GoPro Setting Breakdown: How To Best Film Slyde Handboard Videos
Action shot setting

  1. 1080p
  2. 120 FPS
  3. Ultra Wide

These settings are an awesome sweet spot for your action shots. It has great FPS for slow motion editing, allows fantastic 1080p video resolution with a very wide field of view that will make sure you don't miss the subject and get hours of footage focused on nothing

GoPro Setting Breakdown: How To Best Film Slyde Handboard Videos
Motionless settings

  1. 4k
  2. 24 FPS
  3. Ultra Wide

This is the ultimate resolution so high in fact a lot of old computers will not show in 4k. With any kind of shooting that is relatively action-less we suggest using the high resolution and lower frames per second as you wont be slowing down the footage but you can take advantage of the super high clarity resolution

Guide to Gopro resolution, Frame rates and FOV

Below is a Guide to the video resolutions and the correlating frame rate, field of view and screen resolution

Video resolution Frames per second Field of view Screen resolution
4k 30,25,24 Ultra wide 3840x2160
4k Superview 24 Ultra wide 3840x2160
30,25,24 60,50,48,30,25,24 Ultra Wide, Meium 2704x1520
2.7k Super view 30,25 Ultra Wide 2704x1520
2.7k 4:3 30,25 Ultra Wide 2704x2028
1440p 80,60,50,48,30,25,24 Ultra Wide 1920x1440
1080p 120,90,60,50,48,30,25,24 Ultra wide, Medium, narrow 1920x1080
1080p Super view 80,60,50,48,30,25,24 Ultra Wide 1920x1080
960p 120,60,50 Ultra Wide 1920x1080
720p 240,120,60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide, Medium, Narrow 1280x720
720p Super view 120,60,50 Ultra Wide, Medium, Narrow 1280x720
WVGA 240 Ultra Wide 848x480