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How To Make regular board wax

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tips and ideas to making your first batch of surf wax

Making your own wax is fun and rewarding. It gives a great sense of accomplishment. Making regular handplane or board wax is very similar to making the Eco Version. However there are some fundamental differences that if you miss could mean a ruined batch of wax. the biggest difference is the ingredients so be careful to choose right. Both processes are great fun to do

Top Tip

Make sure you have everything before you start. If you are, like me, a bull in china shop, you will come unstuck and have hard wax everywhere.  Just a warning!

regular surf wax ingredients:

Advised and Optional ingredients

  1. Rubber gloves: Available right here 
  2. Scent:Most can be bought at a chemist.
  3. Dye:Food coloring will do too.
  4. One large pot: (don't use your mothers best pot) 
  5. Smaller container: (to place ingredients into)
  6. Old Newspaper: (to put down as protection)
  7. Molds: Old paper coffee cups are perfect, as you can tear them up after. Or you can get reusable silicon molds here  

Top Tip

as the saying goes fail to prepare and prepare to fail. The biggest tip we can give is make sure to have all your ingredients ready and placed out in arms reach and do not skip any steps for a successful batch a

Decide on cold water or Warm water wax the ratios will decide

You will have to make separate batches for warm and cold water the ingredients for both wax types are the same the only variation is the ratios- explained below

making Warm water wax

Wax Ingredient Ratios "Warm Water" We suggest


warm water wax Reduce the amount of Petroleum Jelly and increase the Paraffin wax. The extra Paraffin wax will keep your wax from melting in warmer water

remember to melt down wax is to boil in water.

  1. Place all ingredients into a pot: Top Tip : We suggest for both regular and Eco friendly wax you place a large pot of water on the stove and bring to boil then place all the ingredients into a separate smaller pot and place that container into the water. depending on the quantity you are making, we suggest old food can, cleaned of course. Baked beans don't mix well with wax. Why do this? The ingredients will melt slower and more evenly and have less to no chance of burning
  2. Stir Continuously make sure the ingredients don't burn or over cook by keeping a very close eye on them. Continuously stir the ingredients with a wooden spoon once all the ingredients are completely melted. Pour the melted wax into the prepared mold.
  3. Leave the wax to dry for about 3-4 hours or more once the bars are hard they are ready to use.

making cold water wax

Wax Ingredient Ratios "Cold Water" We suggest


Colder water: Increase the amount of Petroleum Jelly and reduce the amount of Paraffin wax. Petroleum Jelly will make the wax softer. Softer is what you want in colder climates.

Directions for making the cold water are identical to the warm water wax apart from Increasing the amount of petroleum Jelly and reduce the amount of wax Petroleum makes the wax softer depending on how soft will be determined by the ratios

Remember to melt down wax is to boil in water.

  1. follow the directions to the left for they are same to create cold water just watch your ratios

Final thoughts and tips

It can be a lot more time consuming and expensive than your average bar of wax bought over the counter at your local surf store.  However, it's a fun process with friends or by yourself, and you get to be a lot more conscious of the products you use. Now, go make some. If you did not want to go to all the trouble, you could just place kung-fu grip on it. 

Surf, Surf, Surf ‘till you die.

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