Jesse Sorin

Slyde Art [SYN•DI•CATE]

Art collaboration/Background:

_Studios, Blik Surface Graphics, Motion Theory, Inc.,Q Design Studio, Sauce Design, State of Tomorrow, Westfield Brand Studio, DBC Rideshop, Jandas, Sugar, Skateboard Company, Triforma Capital Group, University of Portland, VJ Cyber Patrol Unit


Designer by day, visual artist by night: I'll design anything that can be printed. I love branding & i.d. design, typography, layout, photography, art direction, book design, story boards & mood boards, and visual research. Website creative only, I'm no programmer.

Night (and always weekends) My primary mediums are screen-printing and print design, however, I will use sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, illustration—anything necessary to communicate my ideas in an impacting way.

​ jessie sorin handplane bodysurfing artist for slyde handboards

Art by jesse 

jesse sorin artwork slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artist


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