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Keali'i Punley

Have Fun
HOME TOWN:  Wahiawa, Hawaiʻi
Date of Birth:  March 10, 1995
Motto: “live Pono” (righteousness) “ALOHA” (Love) “Kūlia i ka nuʻu” (strive for excellence) “Hoʻohana” (the value of work: to work with intent and with purpose) “Hoʻomau” (the value of perseverence: to persist, to continue, to PERPETUATE.. never give up)
Who inspires you the most?:  Jesus Christ - in Life,
Duke kahanamoku - in Surfing,
Buttons Kaluhiokalani - in Shortboard surfing,
King Kamehameha the Great - in leadership
Favorite non-surf film?:  Lord of the rings, 300, StarWars, apocalypto.
Number one on your bucket list?: Surf trip to Tahiti or Bali.
Favorite waves:  Point panics, Ke iki beach, Waimea bay, 1st Dips, sandy beach, makapuʻu.
Favorite maneuvers: Front-flips & 360 bellyspinners.
Favorite country to visit or want to visit: Tahiti, or Indonesia.
What would you do if you won the lottery?:  Invest it, to take care of my family, realest friends and everyone who has helped me or took care of me in some way that i didn’t forget.. buy Land, and maybe a house right on the northshore in front of Ke iki beach.


Kealiʻi is a native Hawaiian bodysurfer, sponsored by DaFin, RVCA, Kaha Nalu Hawaii, and Slyde Handboards. The meaning of Kealiʻi (his name) it's broken down in two parts Ke and Alli. Alli means chief, royalty, or king, while Ke means The, so essentially his name means The Chief He started bodysurfing at age 16 in Waimea Bay because he didn't own a surfboard and all he knew how to do was swim. "I'm the first one in my family to actually bodysurf, I was self-taught for the first 2 years."



KEALII slyde team ryder and handplane ryder

Pics of Kealii