Paul Mascatelli

Slyde Art [SYN•DI•CATE]

Art collaboration/Background:

Slyde Handboards photography


Paul is a tour de force for the slyde team! hailing from the sweaty streets of the infamous big apple. It was here where a young Paul first used his artistic skills to brighten and magically transform dusty forgotten side streets and back allies with tails of wonder and excitement. While on the side kicked it around the halls of the ball room dancing world breaking all sorts of stuffy dance codes. In 2008 Paul decided to swop the wonders of New York for the craziness of the 405 and now he can be found Slyding the streets of Venice on his trusty city crusher sector nine and drawing intertwined tails of two cities and plotting to take over the world! But ask Paul what he really wants to do, and you'll probably get the answer "DRAW"!!. and we like to think he will never stop

I'm an Artist with an incredibly diverse background that has for the better shaped my creative existence. Currently Im working at what I perceive to be "Quantum impressionist". My newer works have a more specific approach referred to as "Hyper Cubism," they are base from a cube, a tesseract (4D cube), a pentaract (5D cube), and then a hexaract (6D cube). 


Art mascatelli

Mascatelli slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artist


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