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  1. Beginner Collection

    The Wedge is a great all-round wave board for beginners. With the extra length and width of the board you will find it a lot more buoyant and easy to catch even the smallest waves.

  2. Intermediate Collection

    Even though the wedge can be a great beginner board. As you get more comfortable handboarding it is more that capable of growing with you as a rider. The carbon fiber boards are great for the rider who wants to take their riding to the next level

  3. The Advanced Collection

    The Bula is designed small and compact to get the most out of fast, steep, barreling shore break waves where Lift and buoyancy is not a critical component of a fun ride as the speed of the wave creates the lift out of the water. The Bula’s size also allows the rider to quickly exit out the back of the wave at high speed, a critical component of riding dangerous shore break. The Bula is also designed with one of the deepest concaves on any handboard on the market. The deep concave acts as a sucker to the face of the wave keeping you right in the pocket on a steep critical wave.