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Scott Metzner

Slyde Art

Art collaboration/Background:

Tim Patterson


I have been working in the surf industry since I was 15 years old and have never left the industry. I graduated high school in 2002 and then immediately started working full time at the ...lost clothing retail outlet and surfboard factory that was known as San Clemente Surf Co. And was learning to paint boards with paint pens from the main ...Lost artist ( Drew Brophy, Sean Spoto, and Chad Crothers) I worked there for about 4 years and started learning to airbrush from another airbrush artist by the name of Suds. When I was learning to airbrush there I met Timmy Patterson and from there I came to work with Timmy Patterson managing his entire business and painting boards for his company. I have now been working with Timmy Patterson for the last six years. I don't just limit my art to his company only I work with lots of different brands and do lots of work with my own clients. I have been painting and doing art my entire life but I have been painting on boards and doing art professionally for the last ten years since I graduated high school. I come from a surf graffiti style background with lots of tattoo and punk rock/rave music influence. I currently have been doing lots of live art at big events and lately I have been hitting it good with body art at these events. Most all of my board art is shipping out over seas to Japan. I'm still very busy and there is much more to come.

As an artist what are the biggest changes he's seen in the surf industry in the past 15 years?

The biggest changes I have seen in the surf industry is the styles it goes through. You look at a surfing magazine from 12 years ago and the style of image it was at the time is much different than the styles we have today. You didn't have stuff like Alex knost or Ford Arch and Dion Angius. It was more clean cut and basic in a way. The further we go in time the more creative and open minded the industry is becoming. As an artist you can really get into that. Another big change is watching a guy like Jon Jon come onto the tour. He's gonna be a major change.

Art by Scott

willy cole slyding handboarder and bodysurfer
willy cole slyding handboarder and bodysurfer
willy cole slyding handboarder and bodysurfer
willy cole slyding handboarder and bodysurfer