2017 Slyde Gift Guide

Find the perfect present

We took all the hard work out of finding the perfect present for that perfect someone. Match the personality you are looking for to the perfect board

For The grom

For the young beginner and the young at heart

for the pro

shredding any wave any day from Pipline to the The Wedge! not for the faint of heart- Kelly Slater style good!

For the Techie

With more tech than a silicon Valley startup, From the double swallow tail to the GoPro mount, back to the carbon fiber layer- it's made with the person who allways gets the best there is

slyde handboards handboard gift guide

for the one that has it all

the set up. you really l-o-v-e this person, so much stoke!

For the aloha heart

For those tiki loving, Aloha chill, magnum pi watching, Shaka throwing, Island Loving all round great people

slyde handboards handboard gift guide

For the Gansta

For those who are more inclined to hold up a bank or just love watching goodfella's The racketeer is this dare devils go to Board

For the one that loves zebras

For that special person that has a strange fetish for black and white horse like creatures or just loves carbon fiber and a black and white

slyde handboards handboard gift guide

The ultimate water person

The board that suits that utmiate carbon loving waterman or woman in your life - the athlete that takes everything they do to the next level

For the Trendy

knows about the latest fashion and culture cues - can be found at hip coffee house, reading hip article, wearing hip shades.

slyde handboards handboard gift guide

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