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Please note this page information is old for up to date info please contact us. The Slyde Brand Assets is here to make life easier to find the very best Elements you need to help you sell more on your site, in your store and help to spread the stoke. If there is anything else you feel we left out please don't hesitate to ask, contact  info below. Also, if you prefer there is a link to our drop box brand assets folder feel free to go wild.

Slyde Logo

epic wave riding

The SLYDE arrow Logo was inspired by the turn off signs on the N2 garden route coastal Highway in south Africa (where i grew up and learnt to surf and my favorite stretch of road) with breaks like Nahoon Reef, Jbay and Cape st Francis The arrow always meant good surf round the next bend

The slyde grom


wedge boards

Have fun

By far our most popular handboard, the Wedge shape is designed to shred every-day surf, by Every-day I mean average surf; the stuff we ride in between real swells. The wedge is a 90% solution! However its so much fun the other 10%

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bula boards

epic wave riding

The most advanced and performance driven handboard on the market, designed and tested by Point Panic’s local and Kaha Nalu Hawaii founder, Sean Enoka

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epic wave riding

We call this the specialty board because its designed with the shorebreak in mind, fast and hollow waves the board is small for quick exits out the back.

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lifestyle images

epic wave riding

Over the years we have had the privilege to work with some fine photographers and water-men and woman Download what you need for editorial purposes and give Photographic Credit  

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SLyde video collection

epic wave riding

Simply stoked staff picks

For more stoke video's find them on the slyde You Tube Channel to Download from You tube ,  use KEEP VID  please do not alter video in any way and give credit when downloading to your preferred video uploader