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Taylor Char

Have Fun
HOME TOWN:  Kailua, HI
Date of Birth:  December 17 1999
HobbiesBodysurfing, Skateboarding, Soccer
Favorite Surfer: Mark Cunningham
Motto:  E.L.E. (Everybody Love Everybody)
Who inspires you the most?:  My Friends and Family
What is your greatest fear?:  Living somewhere where there are no beaches
​Last time you wore a tie?: Whats a tie? lol I've never worn a tie before
Favorite non-surf film?:Stand By Me
Number one on your bucket list?  Charging huge Pipeline
Favorite waves:  big and glassy Sandy beach
Favorite maneuvers:  Butterflies and spins
Favorite country to visit or want to visit:  Brazil
What would you do if you won the lottery?:  Take a long trip to bodysurf all over the world

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