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Bodysurfing Etiquette- What to know

Epic wave riding
The Do's and; Don'ts of Bodysurfing Etiquette

Code of the water - Etiquette is There to keep you safe

More than a set of laws, etiquette in the water is there for safety and everyone that enters the water where there is more than one person should follow these rules.

With us bodysurfers at the lower end of the surfing totem pole, not much respect is usually thrown our way. Therefore, we must exhibit extra caution when it comes to the area of proper oceanetiquette out in the lineup.

Hopefully by addressing some do’s and don'ts of bodysurfing etiquette, you will be more prepared and confident when entering a crowded lineup.When Driving your car you wouldn't pull pull out in front of someone going 60 mph. Like rules of the road people get hurt in the water if the rules of etiquette are not obeyed.


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  1. Know your Limits and pick the right surf spot for your ability

  2. Never drop in or snake another wave rider

  3. Know your priority

  4. Give space

  5. Be nice and talk to each other

  6. Respect the locals

  7. Apologize for your mistakes

  8. Always help another surfer in trouble

Follow the rules of the water

Being a waterman is being part of a culture and with that comes with an infinite amount of rules and codes that vary from break to break. The codes listed above are fairly stock standard and as a beginner these are the ones you really want to know before even stepping out into the ocean. The rest come over the years you put into the sport. It may seem fairly daunting as a beginner but most of these are common sense and a code you really should be living by in everyday life. get out there and have fun.