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Slyde's Surf Taco Menu

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Surf taco menu

Our Favorite Surf Tacos

After a great session out in the surf, there's no better feeling than sitting down to few authentic, quality tacos and washing it down with an ice cold beer.  The problem living in Los Angeles is that there's probably around 3 to 5 taco trucks/ taco shops per square mile here, so choosing the tastiest surf taco is a little difficult.  Check out Slyde's surf taco menu of the top four places to grab a taco in the Los Angeles area (in our opinion).

La Playita Restaurant (Hermosa Beach, CA)

La Playita best surf taco menuThis place has arguably the best fish taco in the South Bay area, and possibly even Los Angeles.  What's even better is that it's located right near The Strand, the beach path that stretches from Manhattan to Hermosa Beach.  That means that you can drop all of your surf/handboard gear at your car, walk on in and have a seat.  What makes these fist tacos so great is the surprising side of tartar sauce they come with.  Try it!  It's really good!  Enjoy some delicious corn chips while you're waiting for your fish taco!

La Isla Bonita (Venice Beach, CA)

La Isla Bonita best surf taco menuLocated at the corner of 4th and Rose Streets, this is the perfect taco truck for the local Venice surfer to get their fix.  The tacos come with an abundance of onions, cilantro and pinto beans, topped with a flavorful medium salsa.  Some even come with a grilled jalapeno or grilled onions.  These surf tacos are only $1.50 each, so #getshacked and get refueled here!

Tacos Por Favor (Santa Monica, CA)

Tacos Por Favor best surf taco menuDon't let the outside fool you, the inside of this taqueria has some of the most flavorful tacos around.  Some people have even said that these tacos are so packed with flavor, only a dab of salsa is needed to finish the job.  Tacos Por Favor diehards recommend the chorizo and cheese tacos for the ultimate surf taco experience. 

El Matador (Hollywood, CA)

Best surf taco menu El MatadorWhile this taco truck is well away from the beach at the corner of Western and Lexington in Hollywood, it is well worth your trip if you're looking for the best surf taco in Los Angeles.  What makes El Matador different from most taco trucks is that you pay for your tacos after you're finished eating, called para aqui.  Even with the simplest ingredients, El Matador's flavor is to die for.  Los Angeles taco enthusiasts swear by El Matador's carne asada taco with the salsa roja.  The salsa spice and flavor from this surf taco will keep you coming back again and again.

The Perfect Surf Taco Menu

Now when you have that hankering for some meaty, zesty surf tacos after getting pitted all afternoon, try one of these culinary masterpieces on our surf taco menu.  You won't be disappointed!

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