Get Ready! The G6 Karbon Fiber is Back

by Sarah Webb December 16, 2013

G6 Karbon Fiber boards Slyde Handboards

Good news!  The ever-popular G6 Karbon Fiberis back on Slyde's shelves and ready for purchase!  This is the ultimate handboard for the bodysurfer with a serious need for speed, and it's the first ever full carbon fiber graphite handboard.  The G6's sleek design is every waterman's/waterwoman's fantasy, and its material make-up is to die for.  Carbon fiber's high tensile strength to low weight ratio makes it the ultimate board material and the ultimate gift!  We only have 20 Karbon Fiber handboards in stock and these are very difficult to make.  We don't know when we will be getting the next batch in, so order yours now before we run out and have it delivered before Christmas!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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