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Traveling Abroad: Handboard vs. Surfboard

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Traveling with a surfboard or a handboard

By The Weekend Warrior's Justin Fricke

The Woes of a Traveling Surfer

The LA Times recently posted an article about the cost of traveling with a surfboard. It’s really nothing new to us surfers. The airlines are going to charge astronomical fees and sometimes beat up your board(s) and/or board bag. Surfers still go to great lengths to get their favorite shred sticks to their favorite surfing destinations in the hopes of being able to shred better on their weapons of choice compared to a beat up rental board.

Lighten Your Load

Little do surfers know that there’s actually an alternative to this. A handboard is much easier to travel with for a few reasons:

  • traveling with a handboardSmall: They’re so small that they can fit in a carry-on bag. No more having to pay extra baggage fees.
  • Lightweight: Not much weight’s going to be added to your carry-on bag.
  • The Handboard Bag: When you purchase a handboard bag, you’re giving your handboard extra protection and you’re getting more storage space. With the added pockets, you can keep your handboard accessories organized and maybe even throw a couple extra personal items in there to reduce the clutter in your carry-on bag.

Next time you’re planning a surf trip and you’re thinking about bringing surfboards, reconsider and think about making your handboard your weapon of choice. Just think how many boat trips you can take with all that cash you’ll be saving. If you wanted, you could put that money towards flying in style in first class. 


About Justin:  

Justin Fricke the Weekend WarriorJustin Fricke is the voice behind The Weekend Warrior, a website giving you ideas for adventures, unbiased gear reviews, travel tips, and just flat out entertainment from his shenanigans. You can also follow Justin on Twitter and keep up with all the latest Weekend Warrior news and shenanigans on Facebook.

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