Slyde's Handboard "How To" On Salt Gypsy

by Sarah Webb January 06, 2014

How to Handboard Salt Gypsy

We've spread the handboarding stoke to all of the "Salties" over at the ocean and surfwear blog, Salt Gypsy.  What better way to get your introduction to handboarding than with Slyde's comprehensive guide on how to get barreled!  Here's a quick preview on the handboard how to below.

How to Handplane

How to Handplane Salt Gypsy"Once you are in the water, your best position to start to catch a wave is one where your feet are on the ground.  This is especially true if you're trying to catch waves in the shore break and the waves are on the small side.  A push off the bottom will give you some extra speed to help you catch a ride.  Try to catch the wave just before it breaks, and keep your hand attached to the handboard outstretched in front of you as you move forward, while paddling quickly with your free hand."

To learn about how to catch that wave and start getting pitted, read the whole how to here.

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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