Slyde Stoke Ambassador Profile: Stanton Baker

by Sarah Webb May 14, 2014

Stanton Baker Slyde Handboards Stoke Ambassador

In our first of many Stoke Ambassador profiles, Slyde Handboards welcomes 13-year-old Australian Ambassador Stanton Baker to the team.  Check out Stanton's story.

"At around the age of 3, I began to surf, and in 2012 I walked into the local Bondi surf shop and saw a hand plane for the first time.  I was intrigued by this 'small surf board' and decided to give it a shot," Stanton said.

"After learning the basics of how to bodysurf, I began to develop a passion towards the sport and embarked on researching hand planes and bodysurfing."  Stanton started handboarding with an Australian brand called Ecto, but it only let him temporarily feel the stoke.  Then he got his first Slyde Handboard.

"At first glance I thought, 'It's monstrous!'  After my first ride on my brand new Slyde, I grew accustomed to the size and understood why this brand is so dominant in the hand plane market.'

After trying big handboards, small handboards and everything inbetween, Stanton swears by Slyde as his "number one go".  Congratulations Stanton, and welcome to the Slyde Stoke Ambassador team!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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