Go Bananas: Superfood Reigns Supreme For Athletes

by Nohelani Roche April 13, 2015

Slyde Handboards Superfood bananas

So you're about to have a long bodysurfing session, Slydein hand, and you need
something to give you that extra edge out on the water.

Here’s what you should do, eat a Banana or two! (Sorry about the rhyme- that was lame.)
Why bananas you ask? Well they're only like the most underestimated Superfood
out there!

Looking for some energy out on the water? Grab two bananas! They can give you enough energy for 90 minutes of handboarding (or any other Watersport)!

Personal life got you down? Again, a banana is the answer!

Did you know they produce serotonin in the body, which fights depression and makes you feel happy.

Let’s say you're not just having a fun day session and you're entering a serious
competition. You're nervous and anxious. Peel open a banana! They not only fight
nerves and stress, but the potassium also helps you stay focused and alert!

Certain sports and energy drinks contain a lot of the chemicals present in bananas
that make them so great, like Potassium for example. But why would you choose an
expensive energy drink over a good old-fashioned banana anyways? It’s healthier
for your body to consume raw foods (also healthier for your bank account if you
know what I mean).

Still don’t have you convinced? Uh oh, looks like you got a mosquito bite while
surfing in this tropical climate. Good think I brought a bunch of bananas. The inside
of their peels can soothe mosquito bites!

Sometimes we have a late night and don't feel so great when we first get into the
water. While the ocean is one of the most powerful hangover cures in my opinion,
know that bananas also help cure hangovers. No lie.

So to all my fellow paddlers, surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers I say… go

Nohelani Roche
Nohelani Roche

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