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We were stoked to chat with Slyde Team Rider & Ocean Lifeguard Dylan Biggerstaff of California to share with us his experience at the 2019 Makapu'u Bodysurfing Classic.

Can you describe how the beach looked and felt on the morning of the contest?

The morning of the contest was pretty windy but the surf looked fun and it was a little smaller and more organized than the first day of the contest. The vibe on the beach was one of excitement and anticipation as this day was finals day and also the beginning of the handboarding heats.

Have you ever bodysurfed this break before? If so, can you tell us about it? If not, what was your first impression?

I have bodysurfed at Makapu’u lots of times, starting since I was a little kid when my family would make trips out to Oah’u, and now it is more frequent since moving here for school. It is a fun wave that is dynamic and challenging. Depending on the swell and wind and sand it could be anywhere from 2 foot little peaks to 12 foot breaking on the outside reef. Most of the time getting barreled is guaranteed.

How were the conditions on the day of the contest? Were you nervous or excited to jump in the water for your heat?

The conditions weren’t great, but there was still size and energy in the water producing 2-4 foot waves breaking on the inside sandbar. The wind was steady out of the NE making for rough and choppy surface texture. I was excited and nervous for my heat as always, but I had a sense of ease because I knew that no matter what it would be a fun day with good friends and waves.

Were there any competitors that you were excited to see and/or excited to compete against? 

It is always a pleasure seeing the Kaha Nalu Hawaii team and all those guys! I was anxious and excited to compete with them and hopefully see a few in my heat. These guys put together an amazing contest and a huge shoutout and thank you to Sean Enoka.

Did you have any kind of strategy going into contest? If so, how did it work out? 

I always study the surf for as long as I can the morning prior and consider previous heats and what has worked and not worked in those. Having fun for me has been the best strategy and no matter what the outcome you come out smiling.

What was your board of choice for the competition and why? What advantages did it give you in the surf?

I was riding the new Bula Board because the rails and concave allowed me to stick to the steep faces and produce drive through the barrels and critical sections of the waves. Without a board with good lift and drive, the chop on the face and whitewash sections would have been hard to make.

How do you like the new Bulaboard? What differences if any do you notice?

The new Bulaboard is the most performance elite handboard I have ever used. The differences between it and the original ones are subtle but they are there. The board felt lighter and more zippy in the water and I did not feel that it was lacking anything in the speed and control department.

Who was the biggest challenge to face in the competition and why?

This contest was absolutely stacked with worldwide talent and it is hard to pick who was the biggest challenge for me to overcome. I had the most heats with Ka’eo Awana who is a Point Panic Handboard Champion. I was nervous and excited to compete with him all the way to the final. And there were so many other
amazing riders out there as well who I admire and look up to.

How does it feel to win the 2019 Makapu’u Bodysurfing Classic?

It feels amazing and I still am so stoked and honored to have been able to win and I count that whole event as a huge blessing. Anyone in those final heats could have won and I am thankful that God put me in the right place and gave me the right waves. Huge thanks to my fiancé Allie and to all my friends and family who were able to come and support!





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