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The Nayarit area in Mexico is a fantastic location to explore bodysurfing.

Whether you’re just starting out on the board or you’ve got tons of experience under your belt.This epic guide will help you discover the gems of Punta Mita, Sayulita & Riviera Nayarit.
The Nayarit area is on Mexico’s Pacific West Coast, and it’s there you’ll find endless break point surf locations of the highest quality as well as reef breaks so you get so much variety no matter what you’re looking for.

Beginners and pro surfers can enjoy this location, and all types of surfing styles can be explored here, including paddle surfing, longboard and short board surfing, and even big wave body surfing!

The Riviera Nayarit in Mexico is known to surfers as one of the top surfing locations in all of Central America. In only the Punta Mita southern peninsula area you can find 7 completely different surf breaks, from Anclote to Sayulita Nayarit.

According to Michael Taylor, a lifestyle blogger at Origin Writings and Write My X , “these are great no matter your surf level, you can surf a zippy reef, a flawless point break, or just a fun and relaxed beach break. There are even more top-notch surfing Nayarit breaks in the north of this area to Chacala and San Blas.”

On these breaks, you’ll see traditional short board surfers as well as longboard surfing – there are even some stand up paddle surfers here. If you’ve never gotten on the board or you want a refresher, you can get some surfing lessons here at very affordable prices and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be taught be a top surfer.

On the bigger or more challenging breaks, you can watch as more experienced surfers rub shoulders on big wave surfing with professional surfers that are in Nayarit to take advantage of a true surfing hot spot in this part of the world. If you’re planning your trip to Riviera Nayarit, read on for the top surfing locations.

Punta Mita Surfing

In Punta Mita Nayarit, you’ll find some of the best surfing of all at The Cove. All of the local surfers will swear that The Cove is the prime surfing break for the whole Banderas Bay. You’ll want to surf here during high tide since it’s a bit shallow at low tide. You can walk there in about 40 minutes, or you can take a panga (small boat) from Punta Mita directly to The Cove.

If you’re a beginner, you should try El Anclote, a great longboard surfing spot since the break is very long and slow and has a very smooth pitch. Another excellent longboard surfing spot in Punta Mita is La Lancha. At this spot, you’ll want to time your surf with the incoming or outgoing tide. Similarly to The Cove, you’ll need to walk about 40 minutes to get here from Punta Mita, or you can pay for a panga to take you.

Punta Burros, at the Palladium Vallarta Resort just south of Punta Mita, is one of the most popular destinations in Nayarit for surfing, partly because it’s so easy to access. It’s a perfect spot for handboarding, short board surfing as well as longboard. On the right side, there’s a longer and softer pitch, and you can surf this spot pretty much anytime, although the best surfing is at high tide.

Sayulita Surfing

Ulla Pullman, a health writer at Brit Student and Next Coursework , says that “surfing in Sayulita is a fantastic experience no matter where the tide is. There are excellent waves without much swell so it’s great for short board as well as longboard surfing.” 

Nayarit Surfing Breaks

There are a few other great Nayarit surfing breaks worth mentioning. La Caleta is a spot close to Chacala, a coastal village. It’s an extremely popular Nayarit surf destination that will always have a crowd of surfers. That’s thanks to the spectacular deep-water peak with a long surfing ride and unreal vertical walls.

There are also some pretty legendary breaks at Matenchen Bay, which is famous in the surfing world because many surfers would say this area has the longest most rideable waves in the world! In fact, some claim they rode a single wave for over a mile! There is also Stoners, on the outer point of Matenchen Bay, where you can get some pretty high-quality waves that break
pretty frequently.

Guest Blogger:
Michael Dehoyos, a writer and editor for PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits , is passionate about traveling the world to find the best surfing spots. He’s been surfing since a young age, and is constantly in the water learning more. In addition to writing, Michael teaches surfing skills to children.


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