How To Dress For Your Next Bodysurf Trip To Oz

by Michelle Michalak May 15, 2015

Slyde Handboards Pack for Trip To Australia

Who do you turn to for  help with packing for your next Bodysurf trip to Australia?....

The Stylish Male of course!

Below are Tips and Tricks from Nick Fox: Australia's number 1 mens fashion, lifestyle & gear blogger for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

When you next plan to pack your Slyde Handboard and pick up some waves down under in Australia, its important (like any overseas trip) that you pack appropriately for the occasion.

Australia is a country with quite large fluctuations in weather, particularly more so in the south than in the north.

Temperatures down near Melbourne can reach close to zero degrees in Winter at night, but can be up around the 40’s in summer, so careful consideration must be given that you’re well prepared.

Some of the nations best bodysurfing is down in an area along the incredible Great Ocean Road, with Bells beach, and Torquay being world class venues for surfers and Slyders the world over.

Events like the annual Bells Beach Sufing Classic happen in April so
unfortunately this is quite a wild time as far as weather changes are concerned.

Autumn in the southern parts of Australia can rapidly change – in fact South Australian and Victorian Autumns can often be described as “4 seasons in one day”. So the key point here is that you must pack accordingly.

You’ll need shorts and light tee’s, but you’ll also need at least one jumper or fleece as well as track pants or cargo’s. A rain shell might also be wise. This can’t be overstated. It can get really really cold. Don’t make the mistake of checking the weather the week before you leave, and packing according to that.

The weather changes fast!

If you’re surfing further North along the east cost, towards the top of New South Wales and the bottom of Queensland, then you’ve got more leeway with what you wear. The weather becomes warmer and more humid as you head towards the sub-tropical regions of Australia.

I’ve gone to Queensland in April before with just shorts and t-shirts and never had any issues. When it cools down at night, it doesn’t really get cold, it stays quite warm and humid, so warm clothing isn’t going to be a priority.

You’re priority should be quick drying garments because they’ll get wet for sure. If you’re in Queensland its not uncommon to get caught in a sudden downpour so quick drying clothing is imperative.

Make sure you’ve got at least one good pair of thongs (flip/flop shoes) because they will get an absolute hammering if you are on the North East coast!! A rain shell is definitely handy to have in Queensland if you’re going to be out and about and carrying electronic gear like phones & GPS’s etc. 

The good thing about these regions though is that because they are quite well populated there is always a surf shop just around the corner – just don’t forget to bring your Slyde Handboard!!

Slyde Handboards Surf Trip Australia

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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