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You gave us your reasons...
We loved every single one of them.  We laughed, We Cried, We Smiled alongside your pleas.   

Sure,  one dude from Florida named Peter Pusztai was crowned Winner!  But, we couldn't let these 13 very good reasons you wanted to WIN go left unheard.

Jack Brown: To support alternative surfcraft

Wes BiggerStaff:  new awesome gear and to hang out with my friends and family while riding some sick barrels!!

Gregory Harrison: Besides having the most amazing set of bodysurfing gearout right now, I really appreciate this company and would be honored to have more gear to represent for the team. I also lost my sunglasses last season and have been making due with a cheap scratched up pair, so it would be amazing to win a new pair!

Preston Chapman :Because they are awesome products and I love them.

Jacob Hailey:  My friend lost my old Dafins and my old wood handplane isn't cutting it anymore.

Cole McPherson: I'm new to bodysurfing and this would be a great start!

Dominic Russo: to share the stoke amongst some good friends.

Ryan WIlcox: So I can body whomp the best waves with the best gear!

Caleb Ackland: So when I go to the beach I can be even more stoked than usual with my new gear and look stylin why doing it.

Cole Barlow: So I can give it to my best friend for his birthday, to help share the stoke!

Kalie: my guy and I are having our 5 year anniversary as we speak! We both have a deep love for the water but haven't been able to go out together!! We would love to get in the water with the slyde boards, whom we absolutely look up to. we like to play around shaping old boards and wood but have never succeeded! we would be way stoked to win!!! :D oh my my dude is ultimate light weight big wave bodyboarder! he loves those nasty hawaiian shore breaks!

Ryan Fitzgerald: 3 years ago I stopped bodysurfing due to poor lung health (I have cystic fibrosis). I'm about to go onto the transplant waiting list. After the transplant, I'm gonna need a decent handboard to ride bigger and faster waves the likes of which I wasn't able to previously. My glory days are yet to come...surely you want to be a part! Am I right?

Amber Dean: Because i want to Swim with Mermaids and Whales!! ???

Thank you Everyone who Entered The Contest and Shared Your Reasons!
Keep Spreading The Stoke!  



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