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Why Bodysurf in Florida? You May Ask...

Florida boasts many beaches, resorts, surf schools and a tropical climate. Visit Florida found that Florida had 126 million out-of-state visitors in 2018 alone. But as a parent or guardian, you want to be able to choose the best place to take the whole family.

Body surfing can be a fun way of learning to surf for little ones or those who have never tried stand up surfing before. Introducing your children to bodysurfing and handboarding not only gives them a great introduction to read the waves and find comfort in the ocean. As well as it can build shoulder, back strength, and leg muscles. After all, it’s these muscles that will help you stand on a board and ride those waves.

Where in Florida?

In this article, we’ll be explaining the best places across the state to head to, where kids can safely learn to surf as well as what resorts can offer other activities and something for the whole family to enjoy.

As with any water sport, body surfing comes with some level of risk. Rip currents can easily send you way out into the ocean without you even realizing it. Now you can see why finding the quieter, more tranquil beaches is important.

Daytona Beach

There are various surf schools located in one of the most famous beach resorts in Florida. The great thing about Daytona Beach is that it offers spots for both experienced surfers and those who are new to surfing. “Some of the most popular spots with locals are Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach Inlet.

Ormond Beach is a small town with easy access to and from Orlando (one of the most popular tourist spots in Florida). It’s open throughout the year with various other tourist attractions nearby” says Siu McClellan, a travel writer at Academized and Topcanadianwriters.

Cocoa Beach

As well as being one of the most picturesque beaches in Florida, this is also one of the most popular for bodysurfing. The area boasts several surf schools. For parents, there’s plenty of local facilities and car parking. The waves aren’t always the best, so we’d recommend checking the surf forecast before you go. 

Palm Beach

Palm Beach has always been a popular location for all kinds of water sports. Amongst nearly 30 beaches spread across 47 miles is Jupiter Beach. Jupiter is a family-friendly, exercise-encouraging town.


Every summer children learn to surf at Jacksonville Beach, FL. There’s a variety of breaks, so even when it gets busy, this helps to thin the crowds a little. Summer is the best time of year for beginners. The beach has a soft bottom (so you don’t need to worry about rocks on the sea bed). The beach stretches out for miles, so there’s no need to worry about crowds.

St Augustine

St Augustine is another great spot for beginners surfers in northern Florida, being a clean, quiet beach. “It also has a sand bottom, various surf schools and shops in the vicinity that offer lessons and sell surf equipment. You do need to watch out for cyclones during the summer months, but other than that it is flat” explains Vernon Burt, a lifestyle blogger at Stateofwriting and Studentwritingservices

Indian Rocks

Indian Rocks Beach, Tampa, is another great spot for families. Being clean, having many other tourist attractions nearby. The tide is usually calm, and you won’t find the bigger waves here, which makes it a great place for beginners or children.

For total beginners, learning to body surf at a surf school can be a great introduction to the sport. The great news is that most of the resorts above have surf schools on site. Some even offer summer camps that your kids can take part in during the school holidays. Have fun!

Guest Blogger Bio:

Molly Crockett is a health and travel blogger at  Australian Reviewer and  Writemyaustralia. She shares her latest personal development ideas by contributing articles to online magazines, and writing a blog at  Ukwritings online writing service.

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