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You can't always be at the ocean, but you can always imagine you are. 

Welcome to Slyde's Insta-Cation, an Instagram day dream with 7 Bodysurfing/Beach loving accounts that will keep you virtually stoked where-ever you are.


Chris Ortiz is a Southern California photographer, with a keen eye for the ocean, portraits, and products.  He's photographs have a depth often overlooked by the naked eye, sharing stories of stoke and special moments.


Leblon Fins are a revolutionary bodysurfing fin that combines the latest advances in fluid dynamics to unleash performance bodysurfing, for a frothing fanbase.


Wyatt Yee is an 18 year old bodysurfer, who's part of the Kaha Nalu Hawaii crew. Best known as the "Asian Monk Seal" as his skillz in the water are as captivating as most wave-riding sea animals. 


Storm Blade are purveyors of drop in fun. They've been shredding thru the lineup since 2006. With bright colors and dynamic shapes they put the F in foamies.


Erik Ocheltree is a Waterman, Photographer, and Freediver.  His favorite photos captured are the unintentional ones with odd angles, obscure lighting and varied composure that catch your eye and evoke emotion. 


Adam West is a master craftsman and woodworker from Ventura California. Eight years and several splinters later, Westside Boards has evolved into a company that combines function and style, as a certified Green Business with eco-friendly bodysurf handplanes and surf-inspired furniture.


Lindsay Yocum is talented water-woman from Manhattan Beach, CA. She's purveyor of stoke, a true Amelia Earhart on land and in water.  


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