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Kealii Punley or MahaloKealii on Instagram is talented waterman and athlete. He's sponsored by KahaNalu Hawaii, Slyde Handboards, DaFin, and RVCA.

Summer 2018 marks a special time in history, as Slyde Handboards is stoked to release the Keali'i signature line handboard.  A tribal Hawaiian handboard design, that showcases Keali'i's Aloha roots, and gives us all a taste of paradise.  

Slyde chatted with Keali'i recently in response to his signature handboard.

"I'm very stoked to have my own signature handboard, especially made by the best handboard makers in the world. It means a lot and makes me feel even more connected to the handboard.  To have modern Hawaiian tribal symbolism artwork representing my Hawaiian roots,  which was originally designed by artist Nani Wahilani. Now I can bring my Bula board around the world with Hawaiian style right in the palm of my hand, while I use it to shred whatever wave I may ride."

Keali'i's 3 Favorite Aspects Of The Handboard Design

  1. It has spear heads/ tips in the design, which usually symbolizes a warrior because that is what our ancestors used either for spearfishing, hunting, times of war & or protection and to me in the water we are like water warriors! Fighting for what we love and enjoy and protect such as THE OCEAN, that also is our provider of food and of course waves hehe! 
  2. You can also see the wave shape in the design, which simply symbolizes the “nalu” which means wave, and heʻe nalu which means surfing, and or Kahanalu which mean bodysurfing. Thats what we all love to do..wave ride.
  3. The colors of the handboard are awesome, teal blue design stands out on a black board, and not forgetting topping it off with our Kahanalu Hawaii logo!

Check out Keali'i's Bula Board HERE→

Hawai Handboard

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