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Slyde handboards have completely redefined bodysurfing, thanks to these bad boys wave-riding is a fun sport. 

Here are 6 fun facts about them from a newbie outsiders perspective:

They’re awesome for beginners:

If you’re new to the sport of handboarding (or maybe you’re a newbie surfer in general), you might surfing it a bit difficult to master. However, this is where the handboard comes in handy. With it, you can have an easy and enjoyable ride and still get the opportunity to hone your surfing skills.

They come in various shapes:

A lot of people just hear the name ‘Slyde Handboards’ and categorize all of them into one, this isn’t true. Slyde Handboards come in various shapes and sizes, the most popular being the Grom and the Wedge. With various features for you own personal preference. 

They represent a break from the norm:

Before Slyde Handboard came along, the wave-riding scene consisted of, boogie boards, surfboards, or paddleboards.  Handboards have added a new element of diversification to the way people catch waves. Now, more people can experience how much fun wave-riding is, and even long-time surfing veterans are stoked on the Slyde Handboard experience.

They were created for speed:

Slyde Handboards were created to make bodysurfing (and surfing in general) more enjoyable, with enhanced speed and lift in the wave, allowing for longer riders, more tricks, and smiles.

They’re good for fitness as well:

Surfing is a very active sport and at some point in time, is understandable that every surfer gets burnt out or gets out of routine.  It could be that you’ve lost fitness and you’ve not surfed in a while or you just find that you’re not surfing the way you used to. If this ever happens to you, feel free to grab a Slyde Handboard. In minutes, you’ll feel the energy and thrill of the sport and you’ll be back on your feet for sure.

They’re awesome for traveling

If you’re looking to catch some hallowed waves in a distant land and you’re worrying about traveling, the Slyde handboard travel-light and fit inside a backpack. You can easily throw one in a bag and you’re ready to go.


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