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No one likes a dirty house or a filthy bathroom. Sure a couple of dirty dishes maybe, but not full on narly.

Well News flash: neither do the fish, turtles, or waves.

Plus, as users of the sand and sea it’s kind of like cleaning up a part of our homes. You don’t always want to start, but by the end you feel pretty damn good about yourself and the work you've done.Especially if it also helps save the ocean that you so enjoy using, and not just yourself.

How can you help mamma ocean and not be a jerk?
Come clean up some trash off the beach with Slyde and OC Coastkeeper.

We are helpingOC Coast Keepers 
Saturday, February 13, 2016 between 9-11 A.M. at Huntington State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 2.(Don’t forget to sign up
onlinebefore so you don’t have to do lame paperwork when you get there.) ***Mention*** "Coast Keeper Cleanup" at the Ranger stand for FREE parking.
Must arrive by 9:30AM.***

Also be prepared, don’t be that kook that comes with no bag to put trash in, and then ends up cutting his hand on some glass and ruins the whole beach clean up vibe we have going.

If you need some tips on how to not be that guy, look no further. We have some easy ways to make the whole experience fun and Instagrammable- without the spurting blood.

How To Prep For A Fun Beach Clean Up

  • 1. Bring the Right Tools for the Job:

  • Gloves & Reusable Bag or Bucket:

    You're going to be picking up some not so pretty trash (is there such a thing as pretty trash)? Some of it will be sharp and some of it will be sticky. So safety is key and not getting it on your bare skin is a must. Bring gloves to do the actual picking up of the trash. The bag/bucket is for your to put the actual trash in while you're walking around finding all the gross goodies people have left, the water has washed up, and the sand has spit out. **make sure to throw it in a trash can after- don’t take that stuff home.

    2. Protect yourself:
    Sunscreen and a hat:

    Look we know a tan is cool! We also know not dying from skin cancer is cooler. If you don’t have some, grab some! (We likeRaw Elements because it’s organic and doesn’t have chemicals that hurt the ocean, that you are trying to save). The Hat is to personalize your style while also looking cool- oh and to catch the rest of the rays making a beeline to your scalp.

    Close toed Shoes: Bring the close toed shoes so that when that dirty needle comes out nowhere your foot isn't the one getting the poke. That should go in the bag. and then in the trash. (Gloves protect your hands too if that wasn’t clear).

    3, Have Fun & Bring your board for after:

    Or try one of ours. We will be demoing Slyde Handboards after the event which means we get to play in the ocean we just helped save. It might be a little chilly so bring a wetsuit but It will be a good time.

    See you Ocean saving saviors in HB on Feb 13th!

    beach clean up huntington beach

    beach clean up

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