Bodysurfing and Handplaning: Whomporama

by Sarah Webb August 23, 2013

Whomporama bodysurfing, handplaning and paipo contest, Slyde handboard.

This coming Saturday, bodysurfers will once again flock to Carolina Beach, North Carolina for the 2nd annual Whomporama bodysurfinghandplaning and paipo contest.  After a $25 entry fee, bodysurfers can shred their way to cash prizes for first, second and third place.  The first place winner will be receiving a sweet handboard from Slyde as well! 
A local Carolina Beach sports bar called The Lazy Pirate is the event’s main sponsor and houses the post-contest awards ceremony.  People who volunteer during the event as part of the Whomporama team get free entry into the competition.  
Check out more information about Whomporama here:
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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