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Top Ten Reasons to Own a Slyde Handboard

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Top Ten Reasons to Own a Slyde Handboard

Why We Do What We Do

Apart from the fact that they are just straight up cool, we thought we would come up with another 10 reasons why owning a piece of handboarding history is in your own interest. So don’t say we never think of you.  Truth be told, you are all we ever think of. Smile, you’re on camera!

1. No Roof Rack Required. 

Getting to the beach with your equipment can be a chore. Slyde Handboards puts the LIGHT in travel.  Sling it over your shoulder. Throw in your bike basket. Slyde it into your carry on luggage.  Our handplanes are designed to get you in the water, hassle-free.

2. Fun.

It's always overhead with a handboard. You don't need to wait for the perfect swell, any day is perfect to get your face barreled off.

3. Education.

Anyone and everyone can handboard. There's no way to better learn the mechanics of the ocean. Handboarding unites you with the ocean and divulges all it's little secrets.

4. Inexpensive.

Handboards give you more barrels for your buck. They're an affordable investment for the whole family.

5. Cutting Edge of Cool.

Want to get noticed? Adored? Applauded?   Everyone looks cool carrying a handboard. You'll drive people's curiosity mad and look good doing it. Slyde Handboards is a design-driven brand. Rest assured, we want you looking your best in the ocean and on shore.

6. Beats the Black Ball.

Top Ten Reasons to Own a Slyde HandboardDon't get kicked out of your local spot just because a yellow flag with black dots is waving. Slyde Handboards allow you to break all the rules. When normal surfboards get the no, Slyde Handboards get the yes. Rip through the crowds, there's no stopping ya. 


We use the finest materials in our manufacturing and work ONLY with highly sought after shapers. We pride ourselves on quality. Our exclusive CSC technology sandwiches the foam core of our handboards/handplanes in a 3mm coating of fiber glass cloth. This sandwich technology enhances toughness and strength by 30% as well as reduces weight by approximately 30%, unseen by other manufacturers in the industry.

8. Our Customers/ Slyders Come First.

We know and understand the importance of building relationships.  Whether you're an avid surfer or you've never stepped foot in the ocean, we're here to help. We want your experience with Slyde to leave a lasting impression: one you'll want to share with your friends.

9. Ehance your Quiver.

Top ten reasons to own a Slyde Handboard.As a waterman or waterwoman no collection is complete without a handboardShortboard, longboard, SUP, body board, boogie board, surf mat, paipo, alaia.  Make sure all your bases are covered with our auxiliary weapons of anti-boredom. 

10. Life is Better with a Handboard.

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface. It's time you enjoyed it, in all its glory. Unleash your inner grom, and just get wet!

To check out more awesome adventures of the Slyde crew, Slyde on over to our Facebook.

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