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by steve watts April 29, 2013

Brett Solana Beach Handplane Rider Reviews

Over this last couple weeks, we have had a lot of great feedback from you guys out there who have been using our boards, shredding at your local beach, and then showing your stoke by letting us know. Therefore, we thought we would return the stoke with a post on just how much we appreciate the feedback and positive vibes! Obviously, we can't put all of the positive feedback in one post, but we will highlight a few of our favorite stoked messages. The culture of handplaning / handboarding is taking off in a big way, and these messages are proof.  We are just stoked to be at the forefront and to be able to give you guys stoke with our handboards.

As anyone who has started their own company or designed something that other people get a kick out of or just had someone praise your creation, you will understand what this means to the team here. We work really hard to bring you everything we know and what we have learned about over the last 15 years of shaping, making and building boards for this very special sport that, in the end, is just another way to enjoy the waves and the ocean

Below is Harley Conrad’s awesome words of encouragement. Thanks bro, sincerely from the team over here in Venice Beach.


"Hey guys. I wanted to drop you a line about the handboards. I've had my wedge for about a year now and have used it from the NC coast to FL. LOVE IT man! I get out a couple times a month (live three hours inland) and have yet to find a better plane. I make some of my own when I’m bored, but they just don't compare. The new designs for the wedge are sick! Keep it up! Thanks for making a fantastic product."

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steve watts
steve watts

Growing up in South Africa, Steve spent his youth dreaming of far off places. After spending eight years extensively traveling to many of the great surf destinations of the world getting dengue fever, having a near death experience from a falling coconut in mexico, Surviving a 15 foot drop on a handboard on a Nias bomb, jumping from every rock he could find without adequate health insurance. and comprehensively debunking the myth there are no waves in Thailand, even if they are small. He decided it was time for a a degree. Steve Graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London with a degree in product design. He missed his graduation to go surfing in Californian, found a kindred spirit with Venice and never left

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