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Six Things to Do Before 8 A.M.

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Six things to do before 8 a.m.

It’s that time again, ‘bikini season’. While those Special K commercials are reminding us to eat less, and McDonald’s advertisements are switching from double-sized burgers to ‘healthy’ wraps, America is coming up with their own strategies to rock that bikini by the water on those hot summer days. Instead of killing ourselves stressing out about going to the beach, why don’t we use the beach itself to boost our energy, de-stress and feel the burn all before the sun is ablaze?

Let’s become early birds during these warm months and head to the ocean—it’s amazing what you can accomplish before 8am to feed your mind, body, and soul. Here are 6 ideas to start your day on the beach before the crowds start to trickle in.

Yoga—the ultimate stress reliever

  1. Letting muscles breath allows for better oxygen flow throughout the body so you can feel revitalized and your body will perform better during the day. If you don’t have a yoga mat just use a towel. Not that bendy or good at yoga? Who cares! It’s about stretching your body and building your muscles, not becoming a yoga instructor.

Get up, stand up

  1. Not all of you may have access to stand up paddleboards, but if you can get your hands on one, it could transform your natural exercise routine! The early morning is the best time for paddling because it’s usually when the water is calm and serene. Paddling works out almost every muscle in your body, helps you practice balance and gives you a place to clear your mind while you go forth into the open sea.

My Early Morning Coffee View

I start most mornings with this view. It really helps, along with the coffee, to kickstart the day. Watch the sunrise, coffee in hand.

  1. There’s a reason so many people turn to coffee to get them though the workweek or out of bed. But coffee is good for so much more! It releases endorphins and speeds up your metabolism! So bring your morning brew with you to the beach and watch the sunrise to boost your mood and your metabolism.

Write it all down

  1. A writer I know once told me, ‘The only thing easier than writing is writing something down’. This is how he came up with many television episodes and films. Just writing down whatever—whether it be how awesome the sunrise is or an elaborate story about a strange encounter at the nearby Starbucks you just had—write it all down! This wakes up your brain and provides for lots of stress relief, plus when you look back on it you have so much material to use for whatever you want! Maybe you want to write an autobiography, or maybe you just want to remember what places not to go to on the way to the beach. Hey, maybe you just want a little laugh later on so you’ll crack open this journal and cheer yourself up instantly and realize that everyday is different.

Collect shells and sea glass

  1. Collecting shells and other miscellaneous items on the beach is a great way to get on your feet and wake up your brain! Plus by getting there early, you will get first pick of these beach gems and can later use them to make something fun at home! But please, try not to collect shells that are still home to live creatures, no matter how shiny or colorful they are.

Go for a bodysurf or a handplane session

  1. Last, but most definitely not least, Of course what would a perfect beach morning be without a littleSix things to do before 8 a.m. handboarding or bodysurfing session? Ride those tubes before those tourists with their floaties and inflatable coolers get in your way.  You’d be surprised at how much smoother your ride will be when the sun is just peaking over the horizon. Finish an unreal surf session before most people start their days!

Here’s the thing, 39% of America’s population lives by the beach or shoreline. So Get out there you 39% and start your day in a healthy way by hitting the beach! The gym will always be there and is never changing, but every morning on the shore is a new experience; don’t let them go to waste.

Written by Nohelani Roche

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