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"Come Hell or High Water" Movie Screening

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Come Hell or High Water Movie Screening

Although the movie, "Come Hell or High Water", that explores the rich history and progression of the ancient art of bodysurfing was officially released way back in October of 2011, the stoke and following is, based on Tuesday’s event at the Santa Monica Patagonia location, nothing short of incredible and still very much alive and kicking (no pun intended). The film, directed by epic waterman and surfing legend Keith Malloy, is shot mostly in 16mm.  Come Hell or High Water explores, through unbelievable cinematography and footage from some of the best surf locations in the world, the simplicity, beauty and above all to me, the culture of the bodysurfer, both past and present. There are some epic sessions, my favorite being the Teahupo’o bodysurfing session... mad men!!   The word "plight" need not be applied to this growing sport.

If you don’t go to your local Come Hell or High Water showing, I hate to say it, but you will miss out!  The following was my personal experience at the Santa Monica screening. 

A movie director, epic bodysurfer, and world-renowned photographer enter a surf shop...It's Tuesday, April 2nd at Patagonia in Santa Monica, CA.  

Come Hell or High Water movie screeningBut, it feels like I've just been given back stage access at a Foo Fighters concert. As a torpedo person, I'm sure you can relate. To me, meeting these guys was up there with some pretty cool shit I’ve done. There I was, face to face with award-winning director of "Come Hell or High WaterKeith Malloy, legendary bodysurfer Mark Cunningham, and surf photographer Chris Buckard.

Such a killer moment that I'll always remember. The three walked the 200 plus crowd through the epic outakes and raw footage with great stories to go with the behind the scenes of some pretty incredible photography and still footage.  And we got to hear first hand from Mark Cunningham about those legendary "surf panties".  It was a funny, entertaining and an overall incredible night.  The free beer definitely didn’t hurt. 

If they haven't toured your city yet, be sure to put it on your calendar. 

Come Hell or High Water movie screeningIf you missed it, you can still take home a piece of handboarding history. We will auction off this one-of-a-kind autographed (by Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, and Chris Buckard) multi-grain Slyde handboard.

Proceeds to benefit Surfrider of Malibu.

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