by Michelle Michalak March 30, 2016

California based bodysurf company, Slyde Handboards scores primetime spot on the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-winning investment reality show, Shark Tank.

On the popular ABC show which has over 6.9 million viewers per episode, Slyde Handboards hopes to make a splash to both viewers and investors, in order to secure capital and expand their growing venture.

“It is extremely difficult to grow a business with a sport that most people have never heard of, especially when you don't have the funds for a marketing budget. We went to the Sharks to get their expertise and hopefully secure funding, so we can take Slyde Handboards to the next level as a global brand.” said co-owner Steve Watts

Slyde Handboards was established in 2010 with an objective to create an entirely new, innovative and design drive brand exclusively centered on the sport of hand boarding.

The segment will feature Slyde Handboards co-owners Steve Watts and Angela Ferendo :

“We have tried to get on Shark Tankfor the last three seasons. This year when we finally heard back from the producers that we were accepted to the show, we were over the moon with excitement. It felt like our hard work and dedication to growing Slyde over the past 5 years was finally paying off.” said co-owner Angela Ferendo

Slyde Handboards was chosen for Season 7 amongst an estimated 50,000 applicants, all chasing the American dream.

Season 7 of Shark Tank is unique in that it’s first to season to add celebrity guest shark Ashton Kutcher to the investor roster. Adding additional interest to the major network spotlight, Slyde’s episode 710 will feature, Ashton. Kutcher is perhaps most famous for his acting career, is active investor in a slew of Internet-based spaces, including Skype, Spotify, Airbnb, Uber, Foursquare, Fab, Dwolla and Path.

Episode 710 synopsis via ABC includes: “A man from Los Angeles has an innovative way to check your pet's health instantly with your phone, but an old-fashioned way to capture the specimen; an engaged couple from Monarch Beach, California have a lot riding on making a deal for their hand-held surfing boards; two men from Encinitas, California provide female consumers a stylish way to listen to music on fashionable headphones; and an entrepreneur from Mountain View, California has an idea that makes the most of the unused space on the backside of your cell phone. Also, Barbara Corcoran invites several entrepreneurs from businesses she's invested in to Cabo San Lucas to discuss topics ranging from opening up an online business to dealing with the "overnight" success of being on the show.”

Will Slyde be able to make the sharks smile and open up their wallets?
Putting “Epic Wave Riding in The Palm of Your Hand” locally and globally?
Tune in to ABC’s Shark Tank on April 15th 2016
at 9pm (PDT) and see for yourself.
Slyde Handboards are available for sale online at

slydehandboards shark tank

ph:(c) (ABC/Tyler Golden)

slyde handboards shark tank

ph:(c) (ABC/Tyler Golden)

slyde handboards on shark tank

ph:(c) (ABC/Tyler Golden)

slyde handboards on shark tank

ph:(c) (ABC/Tyler Golden)

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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