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How to Tie Your Leash to Your Slyde Handboard

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 From Our Friends Over at NPI Productions

What's up guys?  This week we're gonna be talking about getting your leash set up with your board, set up on your arm.  It may seem silly to some but a lot of people have no idea what they're doing to get it tied in the board, and some people think you need to use two hand planes for some reason. The answer is no, you can use one hand plane or whatever you think is your, I would say least dominant hand and you're going to be paddling with your other. So for me, right handed, paddling with my right, keep it in with my left.  


Attaching Your Leash to Your Handboard

Attaching your leash to your Slyde HandboardGrab your string and your leash. Run it right through the hole on this silver piece, make sure it's flush on both ends. This is where it gets a little tricky, not too much though. You just need to feed it through the pin in the bar on the bottom of your Slyde Handboard. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it gives you a little trouble, you just got to fluctuate a little bit. If it really doesn't want to come through get some tweezers and you can pop it right out. You just want to make sure, again, you got it flush, swing around, make a little bow knot. Once you got it around, pull it through, and this is the important part. You don't want to have a gigantic string hanging off  the bottom of your board. So, you want to slide the knot downward and just get it, you know, as close to the board without having the strings pull through. Tighten it down, give the thing a pull, it's not going anywhere. 


Putting Your Leash on Your Arm

Putting your leash on your arm, again, you're going to put it on your least dominant arm. I paddle with my right, board on the left. Some people alternate. If they're going right they'll put it on a different hand. I keep it on the same hand either direction. I'll get my cord, coming out the bottom, tuck and hold it right there, I'll pull this side around, use my thumb, come back around. Don't want it too loose, don't want it too tight. Like I said, most peoples issue is having this come off. If you get that thing on there and crank it, make sure you still got a little tail, not too short, you're good to go. 

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