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Following a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, The Slyde Handboards Phish board has been on a 2 year hiatus.

Today we're stoked to share with you, the classic speed board returns! 

Dalton Smith of NPI Productions scored a sample Phish board
here's what he had to say:

I'm really excited to share a brand new board with you from Slyde Handboards, The Phish model. I've spent the last week or two riding the board, trying it in all sorts of conditions. And to make it short and sweet, this board is sick. I was fully convinced that after the Bula came out there was not much more that Slyde could do to make me fall in love with a board but somehow they did it all over again.

 The Slyde Handboards Phish Model

The Phish Handboard Float:

Off the rip, looking at the Phish board you can tell you can tell that this is a lot different from both of the previous models. The first thing that I really noticed was not necessarily the shape, it was how much foam there was right in the middle of the board. When I got in the water for the first time, I immediately noticed this thing has a lot of float. I see that it gives me a lot more drive and a lot more speed. I'm not really bogging, I'm just completely driving down the line.

The Phish Handboard Shape:

We look at the tail, it's got that classic fish design. On the rear of the board on the bottom, we do start to get a little bit sharper of an edge, and then it completely rounds out. We've placed this board pretty much right in the middle in between the Wedgeand the Bula as far as what waves this is designed for. Your wedge, you can see has a big surface area, The Bula is a nugget. This thing is small and it has this nice concave, The Phish I think is going to be that in-betweener.

Back By Popular Demand: The Slyde Handboards Phish Model

The Phish Best Conditions for Use:

Those days when the Wedge board is a little bit too big, the Bula board is a little bit too small, the Phish is like a perfect medium. I noted that it had a lot more speed. I feel like when I'm dropping in on this thing it goes. I lean forward and because it has such smooth rails and that extra foam, I don't feel like I'm going to nose dive. When I push forward, it goes forward. There's even a couple of times that I kind of like pushed back and stalled and it slowed me down, so a lot of control for my speed.

The Phish Feeling:

This entire last week has been less than ideal surf. It's been big, choppy, windy, and I've had a complete blast on this board. I imagine if you take this out in some really good, clean conditions it's gonna feel like you're on like a magic carpet. When I was riding it I noticed that this thing literally splits the ocean. It's just got sheeting water coming off of both sides. Again the biggest thing about this that I like is I feel like I have a lot of control.

Back By Popular Demand: The Slyde Handboards Phish Model

The Phish?The Wedge? or The Bula?

A lot of people ask me what board do I get? All of them, buy all of them. If you were to start with one whether you're experienced or not I would recommend at this point going with the Phish.

If you're like, "I don't know. I don't know what I want but I wanna try this out." Maybe go with the Phish. You're going to be able to charge big waves, small waves, everything in between and then you can kind of decide what would be best for you from there. I think you guys are going to be in love with this board just like I am.


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