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Let's face it, getting good grades takes hard work.  Students who struggle with heavy course load in school often complain of stress.

For them, it is hard to unwind their mind, find peace, and have some fun, and thus they are very likely to get depressed in the long run. While some decide on dropping out of school, others try to find ways to de-stress themselves.

Many have already admitted that bodysurfing is their lifesaver. This sport proves to work as an effective therapy against mental exhaustion that impacts not only our mental wellbeing but also physical endurance. Even though it may not cure students, it does put smiles on their faces.

As it happens, the better half of writers from Pro-Papers claims that spending time by the sea after a busy workday helps them abstract their mind from writing. Moreover, visiting the beach has proved to have many more positive effects on our health in the whole.

Our skin gets better, our immune system gets stronger, our joints get more flexible, and we calm down. And we can only strengthen these positive effects by adding some physical activity that brings us closer to nature and our inner self.

Maybe it is hard to believe, but many doctors prescribe surfing for their patients. Since this sport is always practiced in water, it helps those suffering from mental issues. When it comes to mental health, we usually talk about psychological factors; however, we shouldn’t forget about the emotional and social ones as well. And the latter ones have been troubled students at all times.

Surfing Helps Students Combat Stress

For most students, going to college or university is a stressful experience. Therefore, they are often desperate to find an effective antidepressant. While taking medications is not always the way out most students are looking for, engaging in a sports activity is. It would be great if this activity was practiced in water, though. And, in this case, getting into handboarding sounds like a plan!

Riding waves has medicine effects and helps surfers cope with depression, anxiety, sleep problems, jitteriness, bipolar mania, and self-injurious behaviors. While improving our physical culture, surfing unwinds our mind and stabilizes our mood. Students that go surfing regularly have a clear mind and emotional balance. They admit that this sort of sports helps them deal better with stressful situations, cope with loss, overcome the devastation of grief, and lift their spirits. In a nutshell, one can say that bodysurfing is a combination of meditation and physical activity that puts our problems into perspectives and teaches us what matters most.

Surfing as a Remedy for Anxious Mind

Catching waves will wake anyone up. For students, who often suffer from numbness and struggle with life’s ups and downs, surfing is a perfect remedy. And those who lack self-esteem are highly recommended to spend much time by the sea regularly.

The thing is that when students are out of their learning environment, waiting for the sea to send them waves, they calm down and inject peace and quietness into their personas. Surfing has also a positive effect on autistic people. Let us say, autistic students can benefit from such a high-energy activity a lot.

Nowadays, lots of non-state organizations strive to engage those with mental health problems in surfing. Waves for Change, One Wave, and others work hard to encourage these people to get into surfing. Many medical establishments promote surf camp activities so that their patients, who suffer from mental disorders, can benefit from the thrill of catching waves.

Of course, surfing shouldn’t be considered as a universal remedy; however, whenever we get into saltwater, it washes away part of our sadness and anxiety. It is also worth mentioning that the sport of catching waves combats cognitive issues and makes people feel more physically attractive, nourishing their self-esteem.

Students, who haven’t got into surfing yet, should think about including this activity into their daily routine. And those who have already tried a surfboard should make sure that they spend enough time by the sea. And all of them will see soon how emotionally balanced, thoughtful, and euphoric they can be.

What Should You Start With?

If schooling has drained you of all your strengths and you start catching yourself thinking that your life looses meaning, then it is time to bring some changes into your daily routine. In this case, we would highly recommend you to buy a handboard and start riding waves regularly.

You don’t need a fortune to get into surfing. There are lots of relatively cheap options, though. Renting a surfboard from a surf shop or purchasing a low-priced soft-top board will work just fine for you initially. A slick bottom along with a foam top of a soft-top board is a perfect choice for beginners who are very likely to fall off their boards or crash into others. 

Also, consider purchasing a longboard instead of a shortboard as it will make you more stable on top. What you may not like about this surfboard is its big size and its big weight respectively . Of course, you should understand that the first time you try to catch a wave, you will probably slip off your board.

However, never forget that practice makes perfect!

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