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How Body Surfing Ocean Beach San Francisco Can Make You Better at Business

2 min read

How Body Surfing Ocean Beach San Francisco Can Make You Better at Business

Ocean Beach is getting attention for quite a novel reason: business. Company CEOs who understand the saying that all work no play makes Jack or even Jill a dull student are surfing waves of fulfillment.

What is the attraction here? Well, we have reasons to believe that bodysurfing can make you better at business even at editing jobs. Wikipedia defines surfing as a sport which the wave rider referred to as a surfer, rides on a moving wave.

Ocean Beach borders the Pacific Ocean on the West coast of San Francisco, California in the United States of America. The beach is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. It is a favorite spot for surfers and bodysurfers. But not all surfers come to Ocean Beach, only the daring ones with long years of experience tackling real-life situations. If you can weather the swells of Ocean Beach, you can hardly be intimidated by challenges as a CEO.

3 Benefits of Surfing Ocean Beach California on Your Business:
  1. A Clearer Perspective
    Ocean Beach is known to be notoriously cold. Stepping into it early in the morning wakes you up as quickly as coffee. The jarring effect wakes your senses. Running a business requires this sort of alertness. On-the-spot decisions need to be made as you step into a workday. Getting ahead means maintaining a clear perspective. An early morning surfing session at Ocean Beach gives you this edge.

  2. Enhanced Planning
    Describing Ocean Beach, one CEO named James Gross at a software company called Percolate, says, “Ocean Beach is intense. Currents are very bad and most of the year it is shrouded in fog. Most people would not wade into the water but for advanced surfers, it is an amazing playground.”

    To surf the beach you need a high level of thoughtful planning. You need to understand swells, patterns, currents and movements. You have to be incredibly intelligent to surf great waves when they suddenly come in. Most surfers carry this psychology with them into their workday. If you can surf this swells you can do great things at the office.

  3. Focus
    Ocean Beach provides the blueprint for dealing with certain kinds of work-related issues. Jen Hinton is the co-owner and creative director of Carve, a clothing company designed for women and surfers. She surfs at ocean Beach every chance she gets. She says, “When you're surfing and you get up on a wave, there are steps—it's all a very methodical stream that happens," she says. "It directly applies to any major decision you're dealing with."

    Being in the water has a calming effect. While surfing you have the time to reflect not just on yourself, but also on how exactly to get through upsetting and frustrating issues at work. Surfing on Ocean Beach before or after work helps you, opens up the mind and clears it of clutter helping you to see situations clearer as you focus on key parts of issues.

    All you need is a wetsuit and a handboard. With all the benefits of surfing Ocean Beach, we recommend that you take time from your busy schedule. and surf. Who says you can’t have a mini-board meeting on the water?

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