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Slyde Handboards apparel is designed by YOU for YOU, a community built clothing of sorts.

It's been 4years in the making since we've had Slyde clothes to offer, and multiple requests later we're stoked to bring you Slyde's Spring 2018 collection. 

A mini collection of apparel that means a lot to us, and hopefully the community at large.  Every aspect offering a subtle meaning and hidden messages, and it's true even t-shirts can tell a story.

Steve has an extensive background in design, it's how he views the world. And it's far to say he gets inspiration from everything, even walking down the street could inspire a new design concept or vision. Afterall, Slyde's logo comes from a South African road sign. 

The clothing collection is superior quality and comfort because here at  Slyde we know a t-shirt can make or break your day. 

The 4 themes of the Spring 2018 collection


Live the SlydeLife meaning for Angela is to live carefree, travel often, have fun, and always enjoy the beach.  For Steve it's finding secret spots, exploration, and adventure travel. 

Living the Slydelife is pure stoke, essentially living the best version of yourself.

Follow Your Path & X-marks The Spot

The design concept in X-marks the spot means here lyes an epic surf spot. The subtle 2 lines in top right are a play on South African road sign with 3 lines, when a pumping break is 200 meters away.

While the Slyde logo/arrow is a turn off sign for good surf down the coast of South Africa. The bear symbolizes California, while other design concepts have influences from Italy. There's a full international range in just one design concept, spreading the stoke across boarders

For Angela the meaning of "Following Your Path" is not following someone else's even when pressured to do so. For example  "when Slyde was struggling with money Ang was told to leave by friends to just get a corporate job, but she said nope sticking to my own path"

For Steve "Follow your Path" means do what you want to do everyday.

Sand Salt Slyde 

Essentially there are 3 key ingredients to a great beach day, and we wanted to remind you of the 3 S's... Sand, Salt, Slyde.  A simple statement, that makes you look and feel good even when you find yourself landlocked.

This design concept came to life at the Slyde office with Steve, Ang, & myself adding subtle elements.

Karma Collection

A design inspiration from Italian designer Fillipo Fiumani and artist who created Slyde's 2015 unique Karma handboard collection.   Have you ever wanted to change your Karma and be incredibly stoked at the same time? This collection available on both tshirts and hoodies, promises Good Karma Gets You Longer Barrels and keeps you looking cool.

This collection is  Steve's fav, he wants to you "be cool out there, smile, and have a good time, while rocking these."

Wear & Live The SlydeLife ➡️ HERE

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