October 03, 2017 1 min read

RVCA has been transcending boundaries of traditional action sports apparel in the skateboard and surf clothing industry since 2001.  

Yet 2017 is a signature year for RVCA and bodysurfers, as it marks the 1st year a bodysurfer/handboarder has been added to their talented roster of brand advocates.

Congratulations to Keali'i Punley of Oahu, Hawaii for continuing to re-define the watersports industry and bring a greater awareness to bodysurfing at large.

In response to the epic news @mahalokealii said the following on his Instagram  
"Growing up watching MMA, I'm a big fan of BJ PENN and loved watching him fight. Seeing all his RVCA stuff and VA all over was frikin awesome to me. In high sku we talk about Ruca and how the shirts were 'killahz'  because it had such a soft feeling material. I'd always dream to myself, like brah if I ever became 'big time' at something whether its MMA, surfing or whatever it may be, I'd love to be an advocate for RVCA. Here I am today, being a Bodysurfer for RVCA. Anyways, whats meant to be is meant to be, whatever happens was supposed to happen. #Imblessed #Imgrateful #justTheBeginning mahalo nui @rvcasurf @brophybd for this opportunity to become apart of your guys Ohana! means a lot to me. 🌊 ALOHA ALWAYS"

Cheers to Keali'i' for keeping bodysurfing alive and thriving for generations to come.

Watch Kealii's Bodysurfing Journey Unfold→

Kealii Punley RVCA bodysurfer

Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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