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On our high performance boards, the Wedge, Phish, or Bula there is a built in leash plug in, but not on the Gromboard.

Luckily, we have 3 simple options to add a bicep or wrist leash on as your next DIY project.

Option 1:

This option is super easy, simple, and is the least labor intensive. 

  • You'll find included with any leash a string/rope at the end of it. The rope is designed specifically for knots not to come out. 
  • Simply make a tight knot loop with the string/rope.
  • Next thing you want to do is undo your handstrapand place the knotted loop around the open hand strap, and slide it down & then re-velcro the strap.
  • Boom you're good to go.

Option 2: 

This option is just as simple, but will make you feel super handy.
*Leash Plug-In Accessory required available HERE

  • Simply pull out one of the snap in plug-ins for the hand straps, located on either the left or right side of the board.
  • Replace the hand strap plugin with the leash plug-in, easily popping it into place.
  • Ensure open bars of leash plug-in are facing upward.
  • Thread the rope of your leash thru the open bars.
  • Boom you're ready to Slyde.

Option 3:

This option is a bit more technical and requires a screw driver and a leash plug in.
*Keep in mind once it’s done, it’s done you can’t change it.
*Best for bicep leash not a wrist leash. 

  • Find exactly where you want the leash plug-in to go.
  • Start on the slicker bottom of the Gromboard (tougher material) and with the screw driver begin drilling until you get a hole thru the bottom.
  • Then just puncture the hole straight thru to the other side of the handboard. 
  • Once a hole is thru the handboard, screw in the leash plug-in with the open bars for rope on the top.
  • Once the plug-ins are connected,feed the leash rope thru and tie on. 
  • Boom the plug should stay in for eternity.


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