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How To Insert GoPro On Soft-Top Grom Handboard

3 min read

How To Insert GoPro On Soft-Top Grom Handboard

The starter Gromboards do not come with a built in GoPro mount like Slyde Handboards high performance boards do. 

However, there is a simple solution to add a GoPro as your next DIY Bodysurfing project, and it will add a fantastic addition to your beach days.

It's fair to note, we understand you’ve just spent hard earned money on these beautiful boards and the last thing you probably want to do is puncture a hole in it.Although, daunting to do so, in the end it looks really cool & provides you with memories that will last a lifetime.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • GoProCamera
  • Accessories that came with GoPro
  • A Soft Top Grom Slyde Hardboard
  • Bodyboard GoPro Mount Insert (not included can purchase here)
  • Pencil
  • A screwdriver or a drill piece
  • A pair of pliers
  • A quarter or any kind of coin

GoPro Placement & Prep

  • The good thing about mounting the GoPro yourself is you can actually choose anywhere you want the mount to go on your handboard.
  • Decide exactly where you want the GoPro camera mounted on the board. 
  • Remember once you place the mount in, it’s essentially there for good.
    **If you do feel like you made a mistake or it’s getting in the way, what you can do is fill the hole up with any regular surf wax**
  • Make sure your GoPro is all set up prior to the beach, to avoid moister getting inside camera.

Things To Consider Prior to Placement

  • Consider where your hand will be in the handstrap, it’s best to keep the GoPro mount out of the way of your fingers, so does not effect your Slyde-ing style.
  • Consider the type of POV (Point of View) you’re wanting to capture.
    For example if you want great POVs off the side (place it on the side) if you want POV off front or backside, place it accordingly.
  • We feel you get the best POV with camera placed on the nose of the board with GoPro facing you (selfie style) which leads to more captivating videos.
  • It’s also fair to note, the Gopro will add a little weight to where-ever it is placed.
  • Once you’ve decided on the best spot, pencil a dot on the location you are going to puncture.

Step 1- Puncturing A Hole Thru The Grom Board

  • Take your screw driver over location you dotted with your pencil, and puncture thru the top of the handboard (twisting screwdriver) all the way to the back, you’ll feel HDPE slick skin on the bottom. When you've gone far enough.
  • Don’t push all the way thru with screw driver, just ensure there is small opening on bottom.
  • Then take screwdriver out and flip over the hardboard, now from the slick bottom gently push straight thru.
  • Boom there will be a hole thru the entire board.

Step 2- Assembling GoPro Mount Inserts

  • Top mount is what’s called the female version, it has wings & serrated edges, which will push into the top of the board.
  • The male version, has a coin slot and will connect to the female thru the bottom of the board.
  • Keep in mind the male plug might be too long, use pliers to clip it off at about 2inches for the perfect height. **Prior to inserting***
  • Continue to tighten / screw top & bottom pieces together, use  a coin until you can no longer tighten mounts together. 
  • Make sure the top and bottom mounts lye flat/flush against the handboard.

Step 3- Place GoPro Camera into Mount & Hit Water

  • Be sure to tag @Slydehandboards & #Slydehandboards in all your awesome shots. 

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