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ALOOOOOHA! When you think of a tropical island paradise & big waves, there's perhaps no place better than North Shore of Hawaii in winter.

That's why 60 of the world's best bodysurfers on the planet are heading to Oahu to compete in the OG of surfing events, the Pipeline Bodysurf Contest, which kicked off in 1971.

The Banzai Pipeline, Pipeline or Pipe, is a legendary reef break with a rich history and spirit for bodysurfing.  It's essentially, the birthplace of tube riding, bodysurfing or Kaha Nalu in Hawaiian.

"For nearly sixty years, this frightening gift of nature has stood out as one of the most challenging and perfect waves on the planet. While first believed to be unconquerable, Pipeline soon became the wave by which all others would be judged." Surfline Forecast Team

For bodysurfers this heavy wave is the ultimate challenge. As it's best known for its steep, fast and powerful barreling waves, which breaks into shallow water just above sharp reef.  No doubt making The Pipeline Bodysurf Contest, one of the largest, and most intense bodysurfing competitions out there.  Slyde is stoked to have our partner Sean Enoka of Kaha Nalu Hawaii competing, alongside team riders Dylan Biggerstaff, Sunny Chamblee, and Keali'i Punley

"Bodysurfers launching into the tube at Pipeline resemble daredevils blasted from a cannon." Catharine Lo

The 14 day holding period for the annual Pipeline Bodysurf Contest presented by the North Shore Lifeguard Association, DaFin, and RVCA will begin March 21 and will run through April 3rd 2019

The 1day competition (which rumor has might now be a 1.5 day comp) will be held  during the best conditions based on swell, wind direction, and size. The preferred conditions for this event would be 6 to 8 foot (12' to 15' faces) West to North West Swell with favorable off shore winds.

When we asked Keali'i what he's most looking forward to for the event he said...

"My most stoked part about the Pipeline Bodysurf Contest is getting all the bodysurfers together from other islands, states & countries from around the world to bodysurf EMPTY Pipeline! This is one of the best bodysurfing contests I say in the world.  Not just because of the beautiful barrels it creates, and its potential in & out sections, but the dangers which could be large size waves, the reefs have caused countless injuries and a few deaths.  The contest takes everything to a whole other level, with the high level skills are required & needed, and techniques & endurance to handle rough current especially if its consistent. The best of the best are usually in this contest. You can’t just think anybody can put a pair of fins on and hop out at PIPE! But that’s just what makes Pipeline so special.. the excitement & nervousness that makes you feel some type of way."

Competitors & beach goers a like will see why Pipeline is one of the most world's most filmed and photographed waves of all time.

"The waves are so close, you can sense the exhilaration of the riders, and you can feel the pain of the wipeouts," says legendary bodysurfer Mark Cunningham.  

I'm so stoked to be traveling to Pipeline Bodysurf Contest for the 1st time, to witness the phenomenon first hand in 2019:)  And want to take you along for the ride...

Watch the adventure unfold HERE→

 Bodysurfer at Pipeline Oahu HawaiiCover image by Philip Kitamura above image Joe Nickerson

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